If Love Was Enough

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The Life of a Loner

This book is dedicated to a dream I once had that stuck in my heart forever


I am alone. Seated staring at the worn out poster of Adam Levine singing in front of a raving crowd and crawled on the bed right in front of me is my fuzzy little Tibetan spaniel, Chastity. Still I am alone. I am an introvert at least that's what they all say, and being alone is our comfort zone right? Right? A few days ago, I wouldn't even be pondering that question. But all of a sudden, the fact of my loneliness hit me squarely on the head like a trailer loaded with a truck load of garbage. I lie there on the single bed with rumpled pocked mark bed sheets covering everywhere but my skinny frame. I gaze at the ceiling and count the tiles. I wish my life would end. Just anything to rid me of this feeling of self loathe and shame. 

It all started with a birthday party in a typical university setting. I was busy playing Naruto ultimate Ninja impact on my laptop when my best friend and roommate barged into the room. The door swung open, rattling its hinges and banged against the wall. The sound caused me to jump a foot off the bed from fear. 

"Jeesus, Jerry!" I screamed. 

"Chillax, what're you doing?" Jerry was skinny like me but his fashionable dressing and savoir fair expressions made him an absolute babe magnet. 

"I was chilling until you came and made me piss myself," I grunted, though I didn't as much as break eye contact from the computer screen. 

"You know, one day you're going to get stuck on that bed and then mosses and green algae would grow over you like one of those...em... What's it sef?" my friend closed his eye in concentration. 

Of course I knew the word. Someone's got to have the brains in this our ill-fated relationship. 

"Garden gnome. The word is garden gnome," I said dourly.

Jerry snapped his fingers. "Exactly!" he got the wardrobe open and threw a bunch of clothes on my legs, on the floor, on my computer screen. I almost saw red. 

"Jerry, watch it!" I grabbed the clothes hanging on my laptop screen and flung it at him. I quickly went back to my game but I was just in time to watch my Avatar's head get ripped off from his shoulders. The words Game Over flashed on the screen. "Great," I said. 

I tore my face off the screen and flashed him my devil face. I immediately noticed him wearing his party shirt. It was always the same shirt.  A black T-shirt with the words, 'Hoes before bros' printed boldly in the front and something else printed on the back. I refuse to mention what it was because of its sheer indecency. I've no idea where my friend finds his shirts. 

"Where are you up to?" I asked. 

"Party. You coming?" Jerry replied. 

"Of course!" I jumped off the bed and donned on a pair of jeans. Then we were both out the door. 

Izu Obi

Edited: 04.01.2019

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