If Love Was Enough

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Kisses and Parties

The party was thrown in the celebrant's hostel. We all gathered in a circle in the celebrant's room, an empty beer bottle in the middle spinning round and round in a wild game of truth or dare. The room was located on the first floor of a two storey apartment building. The room was big enough to accommodate a PSP garbage truck. It didn't have a door, just a doorway. The walls were nothing but yellow paints, slowly peeling and dropping to the floor.  I had a million questions running through my mind. How do you live without a door to your room? Something eerily mysterious was going on with the room’s atmosphere. It was hot as a furnace while the walls were cold. Is that even safe? Can the crazy guy without the trousers stop jumping up and down on the floor? It could literally bring the house down and our lives with it. 

Instead, I just shut up and watched each player make a complete fool of themselves. That is until the devil's bottle spun around and at last pointed directly at me. 

"Hey! Kingsley, get up bro!" one drunk guy with a tray full of folded paper in a basket said. He was probably the MC for the evening. 

I grudgingly got up. "Really guys. You can just skip me and-"

"Skip? Hey are you shy?" he roared.

Everyone thundered unanimously, “Why shall I shy?” 

I sighed. “Okay, what does it say?”

Being ever the dramatist, the MC staggered over to me and draped an arm over my shoulder. He unfolded the paper and read it aloud.

“You are to pick a girl of your choice and kiss her in front of everyone.”

“Whoa! Oh my God,” one girl giggled to another.

“No way am I kissing that weirdo,” one girl whispered to another.

Who to pick? Who to pick? Who to pick? If I didn’t pick anyone, I’d be labelled a loser for the rest of my life. Plus I’d really let down my friend.

“Hey you got this, bro. there’s scores of hot chicks here. Just pick one,” Jerry said.

“Yeah. Pick one!” another boy said.

Who to pick!

“Not me. Ugnh,” a girl said. She clung to the guy seated next to her and hugged him close. The guy stared at me and winked.

Who to pick!

“The clock is ticking,” the MC said impatiently.

I almost screamed, SHUT UP! That was when I saw her. She was seated at the edge of the crowd staring blankly out the window. I don’t think she was even aware where she was. The crowd went dead in silence as they noticed I was pointing at someone. All eyes spurned towards her direction. She must have sensed everyone staring at her because her head whirled to face the crowd. Slowly, her eyes rose, and I was frozen. She was prettier than a dream. Her hair was a jet black fringe that tumbled down her shoulder and partially obscured her fair face. Her eyes were a pool of honey and her red lips were parted in astute wonder. I wondered.

“Chiefo, I think he’s pointing at you,” a girl said. She prodded Chiefo by the shoulder and slowly pushed her up. Chiefo got up and walked towards me, her eyes never leaving mine. I could feel beads of sweat snake down the arc of my back all the way into my firm buttocks. I hoped she didn’t notice. I suddenly became aware what we were expected to do. She stood before me, her body so close to mine that I could feel the tiny wisp of air she exhaled out of her lungs. And she stared. I had to do something but my vocal chords ceased to function.

“Err…” I stammered.

“Close your eyes. Don’t make it weird,” she said with a voice, smokey and smooth, like honeyed whisky. A voice like a late morning in bed.

I closed my eyes. My breathing stopped. Could this be it? Could I be getting my first kiss? 

Then I felt her. Her soft hands held my neck, caressing it. Something soft pressed against my lips. It felt fresh, moist and hot. Her teeth bit against my bottom lip. Her tongue prodded my teeth. I was about to open them and give in to her but she slid back. I flipped my eyes open, watching as she made her way back to her chair, taking a seat. In the deadening silence, my heart stopped beating. She smiled at me. I blushed.


Izu Obi

Edited: 04.01.2019

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