If Love Was Enough

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Kisses and Parties II

Suddenly, the crowd lauded our kiss with a shout that almost literally brought the roof down, like it was the only thing they were there to see. . And I could breathe again.

“That’s how a kiss is done!” the MC boomed. He patted me on the shoulder and I slowly went to my seat.

What just happened?

Jerry looked at me and gave me a sly wink. The other guys looked at me with a kind of new found respect. Like kissing a girl had somehow elevated me to a higher point in their social ladder. Even the girl who had whispered and called me weirdo was now staring at me seductively. Hell, she was licking her lips. I threw my head away from her lingering gaze and stared at the girl I’d just shared a kiss with. Chiefo, I loved the name. She was back to staring out the window, not paying me or anyone in the party any mind.

  The party went downhill from there. There was drinking and drugs. Both of which I took part of.  Afterwards, my head felt heavy and I dropped on the bed amidst other pile of bodies.

I woke up and quickly checked the time on my wristwatch. 3:50 am. Wowie! I got up. Perhaps I could offer Chiefo a walk to her hostel. I looked around but she was nowhere to be found. Buzzkill.

I spotted the girl who’d been seated next to Chiefo and gave her a slight tap. She rose abruptly, like a zombie in a horror movie. Her hair was rough and she appeared to be in a state of dishabille. It didn’t help that she stank of alcohol and sweat. She must have kissed a guy because her lipstick had partially been rubbed off and her lips looked swollen. Staring at me somewhat strangely, like I was a creature she’d never quite seen before, she reached to the side of the bed and brought up a little cup still half filled with rum.

“What are you looking at Kingsley?” her face brightened. “Kingsley! You kissed my friend, Chiefo! Woah, that was really unexpected, don’t you think?” she gulped down some more rum from the cup and gasped with pleasure. Lost in a lucid euphoria.

”Hey, want some?” she offered.

“No thanks. Have you seen Chiefo?”

“Why not? Why don’t you want some?” she drawled.

“I need to go and I need to be—you know…sober to do that,” I said.

“R-r-r-right. You definitely need to be—you know…” she sipped on her rum.

“So have you seen her?” I asked.


I was slowly losing it with this girl. If I wasn’t distracted by the nice firm breasts on her that was totally being revealed by her crop top and leaning posture, I probably would have given her some slaps to jar her out of her daze.

“Chiefo? Your friend?” I said.

“Oh…that. Hey, wanna hook up?” she said and started easing towards me. she reached out in an attempt to draw me towards her on the bed with the pile of bodies. I backed away from her and recoiled like she was the devil.

“No. Man’s not hot,” I said.

“Urgnh. Your loss.” She shrugged. “Chiefo left a while back. She’s probably long gone by now.”

I realized I must have hurt her pride, but talk about wasted time. I turned to leave. I looked instinctively for Jerry but he was half buried under the throng of bodies that were piled up on the bed. I decided to leave him there. 

As I was halfway out the door, I heard the girl say, “I could have kissed a lot better than Chiefo, you know?”

Something must have changed about me. How on earth do you refuse an offer like that? But I had to find Chiefo. Perhaps it was because she was likable, or lovable. Perhaps it was just that darn kiss.  

Izu Obi

Edited: 04.01.2019

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