If Love Was Enough

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Chats and Crafts


Chastity barked, jolting me out of my reverie and into my sad reality. I need to find Chiefo again. As if by some miracle, I heard my phone beep. I unlocked it and scrolled. It was a message from an unknown person.

Hey, it said. It's me Chiefo.

My heart thundered against my chest. How could this be? Has the universe finally smiled on me? I had to give a witty response. I could not afford to scare her off by my social awkwardness. 

"Yo, you texting a chic?" Jerry said from his side of the bed. He was grinning from ear to ear. 

"Yeah. So?" I said and dared him to make fun of me. 

He grinned. "Little boy's all grown up. Who's the lucky she?"

"Chiefo," I said. I almost beat my chest and howl like Tarzan while saying it. 

"Wow! I don't believe it! So you really got that girl wrapped around your finger. Good thing you didn't suck at kissing Eh player player." he whistled. 

Chastity barked. I shushed the dog, afraid it'd tell Jerry that Chiefo had to steal my number in order to get to me. Ridiculous. Chastity can't talk. 

"Errm...yeah," I said and buried my head in my phone. To hell with it. I typed two letters. 


Bleep,  I'm no stalker. I was just curious as to how amazingly well you kissed. I had to know who you are. 

Whoa, I beamed and typed, Kissing is my middle name. 

Bleep, ( really? 

Yeah. I grew some balls. What are you up to? 

Bleep, I had to travel home

Wow! Why? It's the middle of a school year. 

Bleep, I know. My home really isn't far. Like 50 naira bus fare. 

Wow! *.*

Bleep, Harr! I know right? My parents are always in my face. They always send my elder brother to check up on me. 

That's kinda strict, don't you think? 

Bleep, that's an understatement of the century, but yeah. They'd cook me up and eat me if they notice I have a boyfriend. 

Have you, you know... Had one before? 

Bleep, sure. But I always keep it on a low. I wouldn't dare let them get wind of it. 

I'm Muslim. My parents are kinda strict too. 

Bleep, oh... I'm Christian. Lol. You're already on my parent's black book. 


Bleep, they don't like me associating with people who's not of the same "faith."


Silence. What to say? I had to keep the conversation going. Jerry was looking at me and making passionate love to his pillow. I blushed. 

Bleep, have you ever seen a rainbow in the desert? 

No. That's practically impossible. 

Bleep, I sometimes see the impossible. My parents think I'm schizo. 

Schizophrenic? Why would they think that? 

Bleep, I'll show you. 

She sent a picture file. I clicked on it.

It showed her room, which was a typical girl’s room except that the walls were painted black and the floor had white marble tiles. It was the walls that really caught my attention. On it were several of the most bizarre paintings I’ve ever seen.

One was a volcano that erupted snow in the middle of what appeared to be Zuma rock in Abuja. Another was a roman officer complete with a toga, racing his wheeled chariots frantically through a tropical rain forest and chased by a herd of baboons. One which caught my eye the most was a painting of the Sahara with gigantic sand dunes and swirling desert winds, menacing and a contrast with the brilliant rainbow that cut a clear path in the sky. It was beautiful.

You are one loopy bird, Chiefo. But I once heard a saying that once you’re crazy, bonkers, a complete nut case, just know that only the best people have that quality.

Bleep, I think you’d make an amazing writer.

I think I need to see you tonight. I hit send.

Bleep, really? My brother is really big and strong. He could pulverize you. Plus he knows Muay thai.

Don’t you believe in the powers of imagination? I could simply imagine him out of existence and he’d disappear.

Bleep, I’d like to see you try(. When do you want to meet?

It’s a surprise. I’ll pick you up in a bike.

Bleep, are you sure? Bikes are dangerous. I’d rather just take a taxi.

Taxis are for wussies.

Bleep, foreign words. I love that. I’ll try it this one time.

Are you busy now?


Izu Obi

Edited: 04.01.2019

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