If Love Was Enough

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Chats and Crafts II

Are you busy now?

Bleep, no, I’m free, Kingsley.

Get ready for the most dangerous ride of your life.

Bleep, I’ll be waiting.

I got out of bed and bumped a fist with Jerry. Then I grabbed a shirt and wore it to accompany my jeans.

“Hey, give the girl a good time, alright?” Jerry said.

I paused at the entrance.

“Her name’s Chiefo.”

I rushed out of the house and hailed a bike to a stop. The weather was getting cloudy and the wind whipped against my face in a frenzy. It was going to be a storm alright.

“Sabo Street,” I said to the biker man.

“Eh,” he said by means of acquiescence. He stepped on the foot lever, kick starting the transmission and causing the bike to rumble to life.

“30 naira,” I said.

He hissed. ”Egbon, na 100 naira be from here to Sabo.” He said in pidgin.

“Oya. I’ll give you 70.”

“No. Shey you no see the rain?” he pressed his hands on the throttle and was about to drive off but I stopped him and got on the bike. There’s no argument when you’re a victim of circumstance.

Izu Obi

Edited: 04.01.2019

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