If Love Was Enough

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Star Crossed Decisions.


Today the stars were shining in the sky. There was no moon but I've never seen a brighter night. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I remembered someone telling me that for every twinkle of every star, a prayer is answered. From my vantage point, all the stars were in full twinkle. I do not believe in answered prayers being that most of mine are still unanswered. But I could live with the fact that each tiny twinkle represented a different planet or another earth in another multiverse in another galaxy and out there as I stared, there was someone at that very moment staring back at me and wondering the same thing I'm wondering. 

But I cannot wonder anymore. I am in love. I can only wish, but wishes are not horses. I am well aware of that. I called Chiefo and told her I was lying spread eagle on a table tennis table in the middle of the night and gazing up at the stars. I told her that I wondered if she did the same thing. She told me yes. In fact she told me she spends her nights gazing up at the stars and falling asleep there. She's on the balcony of her room and the sky is really easy to spot. I told her that the stars are probably more beautiful in Africa than anywhere else in the world. She scoffed. A barely audible sound. But I heard it and joked at her, telling her how pleasantly awful her laughter was. She laughed even more then became quiet. 

"What’s wrong? Are you there?" I said into the phone. 

"I'm going to tell my parents about us. I don't think I can hide it any longer."

"Are you sure?"

There was a lengthy silence. "Yes. We're star crossed, you and I."

She didn't need to say she loved me but I knew she did. And I was happiest at the very moment in my life. It’s a good thing to be happy, but I hope not. Good things in my life always ends up getting taken away from me

Izu Obi

Edited: 04.01.2019

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