Imperial guard (rise of a new age)

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Chapter 7

Finally they could see the shacks of Verona in the distance, they lowered the longboats. They rowed into the bay to dock at the harbour, the Verona harbour master greeted the ships Captain. The Captain informed him of Ridus and his companions, and also requested the repairs materials for his ship.


The local harbour master was agreeable for a price, he pointed towards a large building where Ridus could find his guide. The harbour master stayed on the docks with the Ferusian Captain to discuss things further. "Thank you very much for saving my ship and my life friend!" the Captain shouted after Ridus.


Hamish barged his way through everybody "Bloody move it, I'm off ti get some meat and ale!" as he rushed to the local tavern. "Indulge ya sens on this lads" Hamish said with a foamy beard off of his tankard of ale, people shuck their heads "Reet more fur me then ya pansies, cani take ya drink". Ridus was awashed with mixed emotions furious at the girl for following them and also puzzled as to why, he looked around the tavern to find a quiet corner, then proceeded to sit the young girl down then in a firm but kind voice he questioned the girl "Why did you follow us from Blackmoor? You knew it wasn't safe". All the young girl could do was draw a tear to her eyes, and in the darkness of her silence as if afraid of the ghosts of her past, she could only grip and cling tightly to the old warriors arm. So much death had already plagued her young tormented soul, but she felt safe with Ridus, at that point Ridus felt the need to protect the girl because he was all she had left. 

At the foot of the mountain where the pass looked daunting, they stood anxiously for their guides to arrive. The dulcet tones of the merky grey stone face and the snow covered peaks overlooked the village just like giant rock guardians, sheltering them in perfect seclusion from the rest of the world.


A huge robust mountain of a man appeared followed by three dark haired slender men "Hello friend, I'm Layton. These are your guides, and they will help you carry any supplies" Layton uttered "They may look skinny and underfed, you could say scrawny but they are more than capable of doing any job" he said as he ushered Ridus to follow him.


The tallest of the three men looked at all of the companions, but sniggered at the sight of Hamish who was greedily putting his fourth chicken leg down his gullet. The second snigger caught the attention of Hamish "Listen ya bloody beanpole, because ya see your wee family jewels will be fucking swollen!". Hamish received nothing but a stone cold stare off Ridus. Christaben cocked his head to the right, as Waynos looked on in disbelief. Northerner's were known to be fiery and fiesty, and it was due to their upbringing on the cold North hills. Ridus had no choice but to hold Hamish steady, like reigning a wild horse.

Viking of Meltham

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