Imperial guard (rise of a new age)

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Chapter 14

"Check the stores!... make sure we have enough food... Then get a report from the quartermaster or else we will be fletching arrows and sharpening blades throughout the siege!" the Queen's high commander bellowed. Ridus overheard him and muttered under his own breath "Ridiculous", he clicked his fingers "You there! Go tell the Queen we will help secure the gates and prepare the defences on the walls" the soldier nodded and ran to the throne room "Come on let's go, this commander seems to be handling things back here" he said whilst rolling his eyes and shaking his head slightly.


Hamish tapped the high commander on the shoulder "Ay, give me a batch of arrows if ya wanna bloody good fight". Hamish looked somewhat angered and tense with his face almost same colour as his hair, "well... get em now ya bloody big prick!" he shouted, Waynos and Christaben stepped in quickly after hearing the commotion "Hamish, save it for the wall you fat bastard" all Hamish could do was look troubled "Alright, if we go to the wall we will make sure you get some" Christaben said, "Don't worry Commander, he always gets like this" the Commander noticed. "Let's move now, to the wall boys!" Ridus instructed.


Leaving the palace and followed by a handful of palace guards Ridus and the others headed toward the main gates. Near the wall a panicked soldier was running from the gatehouse "We are all going to die!" he screamed. Waynos held out his arm and clotheslined him to the ground "Shut the fuck up... you dumb shit! Get back to your post!" He shouted "If you don't, I will kill you myself!". The soldier got up "You haven't seen it, you don't want to see it" as he sounded like he was begging for his life. Ridus then moved towards him "If we were all like you, then we'd all be dead. Now get back or I will order him to kill you for the sheer hell of things" Ridus slapped him across the face a couple of times  "Come on! call yourself a soldier... move it... Back to your post" he pointed at a couple of palace guards "Make sure he gets there". Ridus then looked at Hamish and the remaining palace guards "Hamish, take these three with you, since we could use more bows on the wall".


He placed a hand on each of the shoulders of both Christaben and Waynos "I don't care who does what... just as long as it gets done! and given the looks of what we're working with... it looks like that's down to us! I need the towers warning, and ranks formed along the battlements, we also need the gates barred and reinforced in case of a battering ram".  Christaben seemed to have read Waynos' mind "Alright, I will warn the fucking towers....haha!". Ridus looked up at the sky "It would be so much easier if the others were here".


Hamish reached the battlements along one side of the wall, he peered down "You'd better git ya ol'mans backside up here!" Ridus started climbing the stairs, he was greeted by Hamish "I dunni know about you, but tha looks like an army ti me" Ridus couldn't believe his eyes "Twenty plus Thousand I'd say" Hamish said completely unnerved, "And how many have we?" asked Ridus, "A little less-ish" Hamish replied "Which is about?" Ridus seemed insistent on his first question being answered properly "Give or take Ten Thousand at best, and most still fledglings" "Shit!" exclaimed Ridus with a clenched fist and slammed it on the wall "Oh well... we must make a stand!" Were the words passed through his lips.


Ridus then made his way to the commanding officer on the wall, "Have your men assembled and ready quick! And we need every man you have got!". The officer looked baffled by the orders "And under who's authority?" he sniped back. Ridus wasn't there to be messed around or fooled with "Does it matter who or what? You need a sense of urgency since Twenty Thousand or more Nerumians with large siege engines are right outside and breathing in your face!" Ridus moved closer and seeming to be very frustrated "You get those men of yours to the walls and towers before you have no men left" pointing his finger right at the commanders nose "Now!" Ridus exclaimed.


A soldier standing by the door "You heard the man, send for the rest of the troops not on duty to bare arms and make their way to the wall" the officer said. "That's better" Ridus told him "I suggest you take charge of some of the men, we have palace guards forming a reserve by the gates.


Christaben signaled down that the towers were ready "Make ready" came the order, archers prepared oil pots and arrows. Waynos double checked the door wedging and set up the blockade near the main gates, he made sure there wasn't any gaps, large spikes were also placed in front of the blockade.


The Queen had left the safety of the palace, surrounded by guards. She climbed the wall reaching the very top where Ridus was emerging from the commanders office with a face like thunder. Queen Jordana had the urge to look over the wall, the Nerumians were out of range, but ever drawing nearer. The door to the office flung open with such force and the Queen stepped inside "The Imperial Guards have chosen to take a stand with us! and if we have to... we will fight the Nerumians down to the last man. I Queen Jordana of Scarban hand all forces to the command of Ridus and his Imperial Guard" she stated "Take these orders to the citizens of Scarban, and ask those who are willing to fight to make their way to the armoury and take any weapon, and join the army on the walls or at the gates".


Before anyone could say anything else, a voice called out "Open the gates" all archers pointed their bows at the sanctuary seekers. Sian shouted up again "It is urgent! we need to see the Queen!". Hamish looked down to see surprised to see Sian, Elwin and Lyall standing there "Let them in ya fucking wee shites!" Hamish went to the top of the stairs "Hey Waynos!" He shouted, "Its Elwin and the others". Waynos nodded his head "Bollocks! really bad timing!" he said to himself, the gate opened just enough for them to pass through "Waynos!" Sian said, "Your here for the party I hope?" he replied. "We are the entertainment, or the appetizers" Elwin said as he joined in with the banter.

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