In The Arms Of Love

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                    Nicholas slowly opened his eyes trying to figure out where he was. Ok, this was his room and he was laying in his bed. He remembered leaving his office along with Iris and that Andrew, his chauffeur, helped him get into his car, but after that everything was a big blur, he just couldn't understand how he got into his bed. That mystery needed to be solved, so Nicholas raised his head but in that same moment he felt like a million drums were playing a sort of music from hell in his head. The pain that he was feeling was excruciating, every single cell of his ill body was screaming for revenge.

                 Some blurred images were slowly coming into focus. Iris got into the car with him, looking extremely angry but nonetheless, she was sitting next to him... He touched her hand or at least he thought he did... She was so mad at him but so damn beautiful... Because of that particular image of Iris, he felt the need to breathe deeply, but a strong coughing attack almost left him with no air in his lungs and he felt a pain so sharp right through his brain that he had to take his head into his hands trying to put a stop of that suffering. Ok, getting up from that bed would be his priority, he had to start moving around and do something to make all that pain go away. First of all, he had to go into the bathroom to take something for that atrocious headache, to take a nice long hot shower and maybe to burn the clothes that he was still having on.

               "That is so weird," Nicholas thought, "Mrs. Smith knows very well that I don't like the curtains covering up the windows during the daytime." So, he finally got out of bed and pulled over the curtains only to find out that the evening was already there. What time is it? Outside all the lights were already on. Nicholas trudged like a zombie over the bathroom, took his clothes off and entered into the shower cabin. He was feeling extremely weak and he despised feeling so unlike his usual self. But once the shower time was finished, he went back to being an absolutely new man. Now, all that he wanted was to eat something, preferably a side of beef and then some. In the last few days, he'd lived pretty much in the office and he was missing a nice hot meal sitting comfortably at the table of his house.

              On his way downstairs, Nicholas felt the divine aroma of home-maid chicken soup. But he remembered that Mrs. Smith asked him a few days off to go to Ireland to stay with her sister who was in the hospital. So, if in his kitchen wasn't cooking his housekeeper, who was there? Who was he with? Maybe Iris called Virginia and made her come to the villa to avoid leaving him alone and indisposed. Nicholas opened the kitchen door and entered. There was no one, but the dining table was set for dinner and on the stove was a pot of soup... Ok, he was feeling like a character in one of "The Twilight Zone" episodes...

                Nicholas came out of the kitchen and on the little table in the lobby he saw his briefcase. He opened it and took his cell phone, he had to call Iris, perhaps she could shed some light on what was happening. The sound of a phone vibrating made Nicholas go back to the kitchen. The phone on the kitchen counter was Iris's and Nicholas hangs up. She was still there with him in his house. Iris didn't leave, she didn't abandon him. In an instant, Nicholas remembered the way that he had treated her and how he had yelled at her like a madman. Even after all this, she stayed with him.

               Without being a wizard, Nicholas knew exactly where to look for her. He went towards the living-room and... there she was, sitting in his favorite armchair near the window, with the tablet's earphones still on her ears. She had fallen asleep while waiting for him to wake up. Nicholas couldn't take his eyes off Iris, because even so, sound asleep as she was, the woman in front of him was a vision of loveliness... absolutely breathtaking. Her hair almost loosened up and a few locks were resting on her ivory left cheek, her red lips were slightly opened as if they were expecting a sweet kiss and her white silk shirt had a couple of buttons undone offering him the possibility to catch a glimpse of her white lacy bra.

               Nicholas reached out to touch her, just to be sure that Iris was really there, in front of him, that this wasn't just his imagination running away with him, but she moved in her sleep and Nicholas thought that it was better to take a couple of steps back, he didn't want to scare her off. Iris's ocean blue eyes suddenly opened up and startled a bit seeing Nicholas so close to her armchair; she quickly stood up taking off the earphones and shutting off the tablet.

"Forgive me, Nicholas, I must've fallen asleep," Iris said a little bit dazed and she gets near him touching softly his forehead. "Oh, thank goodness, the fever is gone!" she said and Nicholas felt the relief in her sweet voice. "How are you feeling?"

                 She was looking at Nicholas, standing there in front of her, completely different, having on a simple black T-shirt and a pair of normal sweatpants, with his wet black hair, slicked back, his beautiful face not so pale anymore but a little bit unshaved and those eyes... oh, goodness, those fiery eyes... Iris had some problems breathing well so she looked down and saw the state in which her clothes were. The embarrassment was so strong that her entire face becomes bloody red. In the blink of an eye, she buttoned up her shirt, pressed the high-waisted trousers with her hands, fixed up her ponytail and put on again her high heeled shoes.

Emma Swan

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