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5 am.


I woke up from my bed with a blurred image of a photograph hanging on the wall against the bed. I  Stretched my left hand on to the side of the bed to pick up my spectacles that were kept there last night. Now I can see the clear photo of me and my wife taken at the time of our wedding. I got off the bed and entered the bathroom beside my bed. 

In thirty minutes I came out of the bathroom all dressed up and entered the kitchen to eat breakfast. The Kitchen is very clean and everything is placed in an exact order they are supposed to be.  My wife loves this way. She would be very proud of me if she has seen the kitchen now. Suddenly a wave of sadness has hit me like a cold breeze blowing towards you when you are standing on hilltop early in the morning on a winter day. I felt like somebody is pulling me down. I have to control myself. I am still not getting used to living without my wife. She died of heart stroke last month leaving me all alone on this earth. We have been married for fifty-two years now. It was a long journey we were never tired of. But now I am alone and have to make my own breakfast.

After having breakfast I came to the living room and sat on my couch. I took the remote on the desk in front of the couch and started watching my shows in it. This is my daily routine. Nothing changes. 

Sounds boring right. Yes, it is. 

I wish something exciting happen in my life that brings me out of boredom. 


Same day.

Its time to go to bed now. I checked my doors if they are locked and activated my security lock. 

As I am trying to sleep on the bed I heard a sound outside my house. I jumped out of my bed with fear. I can hear my heartbeat which sounds like thump sound from a bass guitar. I checked out of the window It is the sound of rolling over of my garbage bins near the gate outside. I thought it might be the work of some dog or cat and went back to sleep. 

The Other Day.

I woke up hearing a sound from the kitchen. The sound of plates falling on to the floor is loud enough to wake me up. I looked at the photo on the wall. It is not there instead there is a clock on the wall with cartoon figures on it. It looks like a wall clock for a kid's bedroom. I am shocked. It was there last night.   I don't remember any such type of watch in my house before. What is happening here? Is this a dream? Whatever I feel, I know this is certainly not a dream. Who would have taken it and where are these sounds coming from? I went to the door and slowly opened it to see if anybody is in the kitchen. 

I can hear some murmuring and laughing with kids. I don't have any immediate family like sons or daughters who can come into my house like this with their families. I definitely don't know these people.

I stood behind the wall in the living room peeked into the kitchen. I can see a woman in her twenties with a red colour dress and wearing an apron on it as if she is cooking. She is scolding kids for the mess they made and got down on the floor to clean something. There are two kids sitting on the breakfast table who looked like they are only five or six years old and they are twins.  I can see two plates on the floor with food spread all over. I know what waked me up now.

How dare is these people to barge into my house and behave as if it is their own house. 

I went back to the bedroom to call the police. I can't find my mobile phone anywhere. This all looks very strange to me. I have never heard of such a thing before. This is not a robbery. Some unknown family entered into my house and started living here as if it is their own. I decided to take matters into my hand. 

I went outside the room and dashed towards the kitchen to confront them. 

As I am at the kitchen I am shocked to see the scene there.

                                   be contd.








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Edited: 29.07.2019

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