It's Just A...!

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Chapter Two

After reaching there, I saw him standing. He was looking at the other direction.There was no one in the park. I went near to him slowly. What should I do now? I wanted to call his name and hug him tightly. My heart was pounding very fast. I put my hand on his strong shoulders. He startled and looked at me. He hugged me. I felt his warm again. And then......

*Alarm's ringing

Damn! It's just a dream. I was breathing so fast. What kind of stupid dream it was? I found myself on my bed wearing my nightdress. I smiled. The dream looked so real.

Suddenly my phone started to ring. I picked it up.


I heard an intimate warm deep voice from the other side "Can we meet today at the park where we used to meet a long time ago?"

I paused for a moment and asked him ,"Are you real? Or it's only just a.....!"




Thanks for reading this story. I hope you like it. ( ͡^ ͜ʖ ͡^)


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Edited: 30.05.2019

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