Journal of a Hero (an experiment)

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Choice 05: Arrival

..So you finally made it. I  was beginning to think you weren't coming. That would have disappointed me tremendously, but of course I knew better. I knew your thirst for knowledge too unquenchable. I, after all, came down the rabbit hole myself, so very long ago.


Can you see it? Don't be afraid just yet. Look around. Yes the skies rain fire and darkness has manifested into corporal forms. Look over there, see? The dark creatures, they attack the innocents. No no no. Do not be so excited. If you just jump into the battlefield you'll end up no different than the poor Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.


Then you are now wondering why I called you to this forsaken world? Well this world is what you have created in your imagination. All the time when you sleep and have your nightmares... keep looking across the land. Do you see anything familiar? Yes, you do, don't you? Now you're beginning to understand I think. These entries you find from me to you are vital to yourself. I know you expected to find a physical copy of me here... but I told you once that we may be one. No difference between us besides time and space.


So what to do now that we have arrived in our first world, Wonderland? Well what do you want to do? If you attack the shadow demons head on, I told you, you'll end up as food, or worse...


Wait, do you hear the howling in the distance? The roars? Perhaps you've noticed that the trees in that forest over there are now falling, as if something tears through them coming in your direction. Fancy that. You've summoned your first nightmare creature... no don't blame me... you sought this one up in your dreams long ago... call it whatever you may... I, myself, prefer to call it the Bandersnatch.




P.S.... Run. Run now.

Jake A. Strife

#308 in Fantasy
#113 in Short stories

Story about: adventure, action, amazing

Edited: 05.06.2019

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