Journal of a Hero (an experiment)

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Choice 06: The First Nightmare

....What are you waiting for? Didn't I say run? Here comes the Bandersnatch.

Oh there you go. Finally got those legs moving? It just leaped upon the cliff you thought you were safe on. I wouldn't slow down if I were you.


Down that hill, go! Yes now we've entered the jungle so it shouldn't be able to chase us as fast. The small size of being human is quite advantageous. Duck through those trees. Quickly, I would think it best to hide in that boulder pile and cross the river-- wait where are you going?


You didn't listen to me back there and now the beast is gaining. I can smell it's putrid breath, in fact I can feel its eyes on us now. We've been spotted, wonderful. You'd better listen this time. Up ahead there's a fork. One path leads deeper into the jungle where there are worse creatures than the Bandersnatch. The other path leads to the waterfalls. You can swim can't you?


Here comes the fork. Go left. Good you listened this time. Don't worry once we've gotten to the waterfalls it's just a simple jump down. Watch out! That venom ball missed you by an inch! If it had hit surely you'd have died before the Bandersnatch could have gobbled you up. It oh so loves dead meat. Less squirming, probably.


Alright there are the falls. Okay just get to the edge and-- crud! Duck! It's leaped over the trees and blocked your path. The behemoth of a catdog looks rather deadly up close, right? Its eyes are terrifying I'll give it that. But let's see how smart it is. There's enough room to get between its legs. That's right. Time to play slide to home base.


Watch the claws! It nearly got you! Move now! Duck that one. Good, now under... no what-- your plan is working! Running up the extended leg was genius. Now you need to jump. What do you mean how far of a drop is it? You're about to find out.




P.S...... Geronimo

Jake A. Strife

#316 in Fantasy
#120 in Short stories

Story about: adventure, action, amazing

Edited: 05.06.2019

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