Journal of a Hero (an experiment)

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Choice 10: BaNaNa



...That monkey looks mad. Oh, that's right, gorillas are apes, aren't they? Whatever shall you do? What's that? You cut the rope! Good gods, what are you still doing standing there? Don't look at me for help! Maybe you, should um, you know, run? Here he comes. Look out for that giant hand! If he catches you, he'll peel you like a banana. There's a thought! Did you bring any bananas with you? Maybe you can make peace. No, of course, you didn't think to bring a banana! For shame! Now run!


Back into the jungle we go. You're pretty good at leaping over those fallen logs. It's too bad ole gorilla man just steps on them like ants, just like he wants to do to you.


Hey, look! A signpost! Left is to the caves and right is to the lake. Can apes swim? Not that well, if I remember correctly. What are you doing going left? I guess the caves are as good a choice as any. Duck! Phew! That one was close; he nearly had you. Did you just pass a giant ant? It looked enormous! Maybe the ape boy wouldn't have such an easy time stepping on these ants. Yes, I know you love my sarcasm.


Keep going! You're almost there! I can see the caves ahead. Just a dozen yards or so. Oh let him roar, he's not gonna catch you now! You've made it. You've reached home base. Just go through that cave entrance and your home free. Five more strides... aaaaaand he grabbed you. Go ahead, look into his big-hearted ape eyes, maybe he just wants a hug? No, he looks rather pissed. What're you going to do now? Oh man, his breath stinks.


...P.S. Don't you wish you brought that banana?


Jake A. Strife

#315 in Fantasy
#120 in Short stories

Story about: adventure, action, amazing

Edited: 05.06.2019

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