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Chapter 6

Next day I woke up ,remembering about my office schedule.i moved to get up from bed then my eyes went to the shirt which I threw last night on the floor and how can I forget about those cherry lips. Really,still willing to get one from her. I rushed to get ready for my office ,it took me few really sweet minutes to come out of that midnight memory. As usual we met at breakfast table. After looking at her,she reminded me our office celebrations for completing 25 years. I was thinking how to ask her,soon I said ignoring her cherry lips,which looked even more attractive than last night,"Priya are you free tonight?" She exclaimed with a curious look ," I am not going to that beach again ". I laughed and said," there is a celebration at our office tonight,so every body has to come with their date,so.... can you?". She said with a naughty smirk," dress code?or any thing I like ".I replied with glee," Saree,be ready at 7:30 I will be there to pick you" and I left.

I was wondering how to introduce her in my office as nobody knows about our wedding,what will happen to all the flirty females in the office. Well let's see.

(    At 7:30 in evening )

I was waiting for her to come out that room. I was really impatient to see her. The moment she arrived I was left jaw dropped again. Her belly button,cute enough to stare at ,her sexy waist and a very nice blue coloured saree with white complexion. After setting my jaw back she asked," how am I looking?".I was left speechless. Hope she could  understand. We left the house and sat inside the car. I slowly whispered, ":I want to tell you something?". She asked curiously tightly holding  my shoulder," What ,do you still have a girlfriend ?". I replied irritatingly, " No ,nobody in the office knows about you, so what do". She gave a extremely weird look crazy enough to kill  me. Soon we reached the venue . The moment we entered the hall everybody turned to see whose with me . Everyone started greeting and asked the same question, " Who is she ?". I replied the same to everyone ," my wife ". How could I forget Shankar,he came and asked me," How did you got such a sexy lady? Bhabiji, do you know about his exes,if you need any information then your brother is there". I dont know what he got after this evil deed. Priya was smiling at me weirdly,as if she's gonna kill me with her deep black eyes  staring at me. Soon, we were done with introduction. It was dance time now! I asked her to be my partner,as it was all for couples. She refused and said," if you will tell me about your exes then I can think about it". I had to agree it,as I dont wanted to miss any chance to dance with her.

We started slowly moving to the rythm. And we kept staring each other's eyes.  After, we finished everything there ,we left. We reached towards the car,before  l could open the door,she exclaimed, " Aayush". I looked at her,wondering  what happened to her.she took the keys in her hand and closed the door. She locked my neck with her arms around it and kissed  me on my cheeks and said," Aayush you look really  sexy today". I asked her," what's the matter,dont force me to taste the butter on your lips". She said," Can I drive?" . I smiled at her and  said," I am all yours  take me home now". I just wanted to kiss her ,she looked just so perfect tonight.



Hey ,amazing readers want to what happened  after they reached home? Stay tuned to the story... thank you.


Edited: 09.11.2019

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