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Chapter 7

The whole way, I was thinking about how to explain her about the evil deed which Shankar did. Soon we reached home, I saw a very calm face as if nothing happened to her after listening to those shit. She slowly moved towards her bedroom. I was still expecting a question,but nothing happened. I curiously went behind  her to know what exactly she was thinking about me. The moment I entered her room,she was startled a bit as she was trying to change her blouse,but couldn't do it. She asked," What happened,do you want something?". I smiled and hugged her tightly.Priya was just confused about what's going on. She exclaimed politely, " Are you ok?"and patted my back twice. I said," Sorry Priya". She looked as if I said something obnoxious and said,":For what? Are you still thinking about it,....please do drop it, I know I am not the first one and it's okay. A sexy man deserves many affairs isn't ,it?". She made me blush too hard. I felt like kissing her. But I controlled myself as I don't want to be a despo.  I slowly turned her and opened her blouse and went outside the room.

After few minutes.

She came out in a smooth Versace maxi, and said ,"I am leaving for Chennai". I asked her in a shocking tone," Why priya,did I did something,I am sorry for that, please dont go". She laughed and said ,"no stupid  mamma called you and me both , I just came to ask you, if you are coming or not". I felt relaxed but had some pending work so I neglected her. I whispered in a sad tone," when are you leaving?". She answered, " tomorrow morning aayush". I didn't  objected her, I replied calm fully," Ok then, I will drop you to the airport". She smirked and left leaving me pondering about the reason as mom doesn't said any thing to me.

The next morning I dropped her to the air port and left for office, I was still feeling absurd. I called my mother-in-law and inquired a bit. The answer I got was it's her birthday, and her mother and she needed  some gala time together, hence she left so quickly. I had a breathe of relaxation and went home. I still had one thing in my mind,'why is she bothering me so much am I stuck with someone again'.


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