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Chapter 10

Two days later.....

I reached  Mumbai but couldn't find him at home, as it was late afternoon. So I decided to clean the mess created by him. After finishing every chore, I decided to dress myself in that saree given by him. I swear he had really good choice for ladies. I looked ravishing in that saree. I smirked looking myself in the mirror and moved towards the kitchen for making dinner. 

       After 3 hours

I was expecting him on his usual time but he was an hour late today. It was 9: 00 PM and he hadn't arrived yet. After a half hour, I heard somebody opening the door,but he was already in by unlocking the door. I moved towards the kitchen and started to prepare table and warming food for dinner.  Suddenly, I saw him staring silently by standing at the entrance of the kitchen. I asked ," Hi ,how are you?". He came and stand beside me by folding his hands against his chest,but he was still mum. I asked him worryingly, " What happened to you,any problem?". After a prolonged silence, he replied, "  I am not fine and it's because of you". I slowly said underneath my breathe," What did I did? I am sorry for it then". He pulled me towards him and said with a taunt," Don't you know what you did?" , after giving a weird smirk he said," it's  you who is making me crazy, making me wander uselessly, you still don't  realize  anything. Ok then it might me my fault". Before I could understand anything,he dragged me close enough towards his lips and said," I can't be without you". Then I smelled his breathe ,it was whiskey.  So it wasn't him speaking ,it was his alcohol.  Suddenly, he kissed me with full passion and good enough to turn me on. I couldn't resist him. I tried it ,by holding his hairs tightly with my fingers.  He started kissing every inch of me from my lips and slowly moved towards my cleavage and started licking with his tongue and slowly started teasing my nibbles and kissed them. After taking a deep breathe,he said ,"can't resist any more I just want to be inside you". He just lifted me in his arms and moved towards my bedroom. I dont know why was i letting him do this to me. Was I really in love with him or....

He was so deeply in lust that he stopped at the door and started kissing me by standing at the door. He slowly started opening my blouse and unwrapping my saree by kissing me wherever his fingers goes. Within few minutes I was naked. He slowly smooched my belly button and licked it very impatiently. I entangled my fingers in his hair and tried stopping but couldn't help. He placed me on the bed and started kissing me right from the top. I really liked the way he played with my nibbles between his soft ,warm lips. Slowly,he reached down and parted my thighs apart and kissed them individually, slowly he placed his finger inside my vagina and started to fingering me. I moaned, " please ...please...". I don't know what I was exactly begging for. He kissed the mound between my legs and started licking it and reach as deep as possible.  I moaned, " More... please don't  stop now" and I got my back arched upwards on bed. Soon I was feeling damp between those thighs and he sucked all the juice coming inside of me. I don't  why but I was enjoying the things he was doing. I dragged him up by pulling his hairs and started kissing him passionately, I really liked his abs,they were hard,stiff and sexy enough to kill any women. I kissed his abs and started licking them. Soon I could feel a hard mass of flesh,showing off his manhood. I kissed his pennies and bite it harshly. He groaned with pain," Oouch ..Priya calm down". I chuckled and continued licking it badly.  He was totally above me and we kept enjoying each other's beauty. I realized a pain in vagina when his symbol of manhood went inside. The whole night we were crawling on each other's body,kissing and sucking each other.

The whole night went full of pleasure and we couldn't remember when did we slept. All I can conclude now that I am no more a virgin.



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