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Chapter 12

From that day onwards everything changed between us,we were no more living like paying guests.

We started sharing everything, including our bed. She changed my perspective completely for her. I was still waiting for her to respond to my heart, which seemed far to be in reach.

She had extremely good vibes,flirtiness,wildness, she had almost everything to keep any relationship spiced. But still I never heard her say that she loves me too.

This same question started bothering me. Soon I decided to ask her.But as we know girls are best when it comes to talking, so no chances of winning. 

So I finally decided to plan something for her,which could compell her to follow her heart. That day, I was at home before time. I had a bouquet of flowers and chocolates , the most important and the most awaited the ring.

I decided to hide everything before she could return from her evening walk. Suddenly, a bell rang , I hid everything in a haste and ran towards the door. As soon as I opened the door ,I was shocked to see her. I exclaimed ," Ruhi....".

Yes,she is Ruhi Mehra my ex-girlfriend.  We broke up two months prior to my wedding. After seeing her condition, I decided to ask her to come inside. Yes she was pregnant, I respect every women around me so why not her. Wait I don't have anything for her in my heart,I am reserved for someone special. As soon as she entered my house,suddenly my right eye started winking.  This eye whenever winks ,something worse happens. The thought gave me slight shivers. I asked her to seat. She sat and started smiling,I couldn't help but reinforce a smile on my face. The first word she said was," I love you Aayush,I want you back". I was startled by her sudden declaration,  before I could say anything, she said with a slight smirk which once ruled me," What?, don't look at me like this ,I am in this condition just because of you and I want you any how". Wait, did she just say 'because of me'. Before I start overthinking and exaggerate it with my own I asked her,"What do you mean by saying because of me?". She said annoyingly, " how you can be so cheap,how could you neglect your own child? I was not expecting this from you". I was literally dead by hearing it . I said what any man would say," it is not possible ,it couldn't be mine.If it was mine why didn't you came before my marriage ". She screamed and stood angrily, "What? Whose that bitch who married you". I said annoyingly, "Dont utter a word to her,she is not into all this mess". Suddenly, I heard a glass bottle falling down, I turned to see from where did came,it was Priya. I went close to her trying to explain her that it was not my fault. She pushed me away and said,"Stay away from me!". I don't know why but I was feeling accused without being guilty. Ruhi said laughingly, "Oh you are that bitch,how can you be so fool to marry a 'Casanova '. Did you knew it, Oops,I spilt it out." Priya was angry enough to throw a catfight, she had her eyes reddened, she closed her fist in a certain agression, enough to scare my wits out. She said in a very rough tone," You get out right now out of my house or else I will call the cops". Ruhi seemed normal, "I ain't scared of anyone,its his fault he should think before fucking with someone ". Priya bursted," you just leave, you should also have some sense before fucking with someone ,just get lost and fuck somewhere else". Ruhi vigorously replied," you moron,how dare you say something about me like this,what magic spell he casted on you,why are you supporting him so much,did he fucked with you as well". Priya angrily,holded her hand dragged her towards the door,before she was out,she said," leave me you mother fucker,I will see you both in court,tomorrow you will get the notice as well and i will kill you ,you bitch leave me or else i will choke you". Priya shutted the door with a great bang.

I tried,calming her down and convincing her. I said,"priya i am sorry,i don't know anything about it and...." Before I could complete my sentence, I tasted a very hard and tight slap to shake my jaws. She had tears in her eyes and she ran towards her room without uttering a word. I was left there alone and my experience about my eyes was right,whenever it winks something worse happens. I couldn't help,but feel guilty for possessing two women at a time.

I started feeling rage and pity over my own situation. I was termed as a Casanova ,which I am not. Though I was involved with many women,but not with every women. I was tarnished ,my image was tarnished ,I was lying in her eyes. I could not help myself after so many flings,when I loved someone so badly,my past ruined it.







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