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Chapter 14

Finally after three days,she decided to hear my impatient soul. So ,we settled ourselves at the dinning table. She silently started eating. I wanted to say so many things out loud to her,but she was just the silence before the storm. I stared at her peacefully, there was no chance that we could share a glance atleast. She was still ignoring me the same way. Observing me stare,she got up from the table, moved towards the balcony. She barely touched anything in the plate. I decided to finish it quickly and run for my life. I finished and stood at the balcony, beside her. Silently we were gazing the city under our feet,it never felt so amusing earlier.

She said in a sarcastic tone, "Speak Mr.Subramanium, you have few minutes to explain yourself ". I was crying like a child who is wanting more sweets,I said,"Priya .. this is not done,how could I..". Before I could complete myself she said," Your time starts now,tick tock tick tock,..." The Priya which I saw,was vanishing in her eyes,she was about to burst out on me,if I wouldn't start it. So I decided to start my story.



At one's youth every body has their own hangout ideas,the same way I had it too. I was a party animal. Every Saturday was my day, after normal working schedule, I used to enjoy at my favorite club,'The Night'. Drinks and Girls were both needed, before going to sleep at Saturday  night. It was one usual saturday, when me and my friend in every sinful night,Jacob were sitting at are usual place,everybody knew me as I was a localite in that club now. So we ordered some shots of Vodka and some salted cherries. We started talking about our usual topic,'koi nayi mili kya'. As we were always happy with our super single tag. Our order arrived and we started feeding on it. Soon my eyes went to a slim,fair,sexy lady with beautiful curls,sitting at the counter and asking for the drinks to the bartender. I said," I guess I got someone new Jacob,you should find for yourself too". He said chuckling, "  She is Ruhi Mehra,our CEO 's daughter,better don't if you love your job". I sighed and decided to take the risk. I went close to the counter. I said," hey ,beautiful.."  i can't avoid myself flirting with her. She ignored me, she was completely looking like a Greek goddess, her brown eyes,red velvet lips,her beautiful curls,I mean her beautiful curves were more enchanting, her soft cheeks with a slight dimple,wait a minute was I drooming over her. Yes I was doing so, after seeing me stare at her she uttered, " Aayush stop doing it..". I was startled by hearing my name from her mouth,wondering how she knows,I asked her impatiently, " how do you know me?". She replied with a smirk," Mr. My father praises you a lot,but he doesn't know that his favorite boy is drooming over women in a club". I smirked, " so Ruhi,Let's dance, so that you could tell your father how bad I am ..". She laughed softly and agreed to do so. We hitted the dance floor, within few seconds.

The floor was turning romantic. My favorite song 'Ek din teri baahon main',was playing. We started swaying to the rhythm. I slowly grabbed her waist and slowly she whispered, " In a hurry, huh.. ". I smiled ,she slowly started racing her finger on my chest. I pushed her a slight away and turned her and pulled her back in my arms. She slowly,raced her fingers in my hairs. I slowly kissed her on her neck and the night was long enough to dance with her. It was 12:00 ,she said," I have to leave". I replied," May I drop you,if you want". She said," Sure ". We moved towards the parking lot. I opened the door for her and made her sit on the side of the driver's seat. I raced the car towards her home. Soon we reached,I replied, " I enjoyed a lot today with you". She smirked and replied," Me too sexy,hope I could have danced a bit more with you". I replied," sure why not catch up later?".She smiled and said," Ok,9252643319 ,if you are free" . She smiled and bid a flying kiss and went. I was star struck. Literally, till date no women amused me so much. I adored her attitude a lot. 

We started chatting, two days later we met, we decided to give us a try,as we both wanted to hit on each other. 

Three weeks later.....

I was happy with her,as usual it was another Saturday, I decided why not hangout there,so I called Ruhi,to join me at the same. But,instead I got the reply as ,' I am sick so couldn't come". I decided to go alone...

That day in the evening. 

I went and sat at my usual spot. I saw someone who looked like Ruhi,I ignored and thought am I that crazy behind her,that she is everywhere. It was reality, that she was getting cozy with someone else,I thought what a bitch she is ,she is just treating me as a timepass. My temper raised,I went closer to check whether it was her or someone else.But it was her. I clutched her hand and grabbed her in my arms,kissed her in front of that guy and whispered in her ears," You cheat never come in my way again". She had no guilt in her eyes. I left the club. I was disheartened, I liked her a lot,I cared for her,what did she did ? I decided never to see her again in my life and took the necessary measures.


Priya was still expecting something from me,she whined, " How did that bitch got pregnant, if you didn't touched her?". She raised her brows and replied, " My decision is not changed yet". She started moving towards her bedroom. I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me and said," Remember it ,fix it, do whatever you want to ,but I didn't cheat you ,I can't do it ever,got it". She smirked and said," You already did" and with some tears in her eyes she moved in her bedroom,leaving me lonely in the window. I was trying to digest what exactly happened, did she just say that I cheated on her,that means she loves me too.. yeah..,but still the things around me are messed up. So wait for the things to get cleared, I moved towards my bedroom and slept. 


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