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Chapter 15

I slept wondering about her,I decided to leave everything on Thy's will. If I love her,if she is in my destiny then she would not leave me. 

The next morning. 

I decided to get ready and leave for the court first,I heard a sweet voice," Have you hired a lawyer for you,I guess no,so I have hired Malvika Raut, a close friend of mine,so...?". I smirked and said," Are you coming? Then it's fine". She said," No,She will be meeting you after 9: 30 am outside court. I am not in mood to handle any of your drama". I nodded  and hugged her,though she didn't wanted to but I wanted to. She gave a frustrating look. I decided that it would be better if I would leave her,in her space for sometime. I went towards the door, as I was about to open the door,I heard a slow stammering, " W-w..wait, ". I turned to towards her and said," What?". She came closer, close enough to hear each other breathing silently in the whole room. She hugged me and whispered, " All the best ,if what you said is the truth. I hate that bitch what do you like so much,about her, huh.." I smiled and replied with full compassion in my eyes," God knows,I was drunk.. I am sorry". She chuckled and whispered," I hate you ,then " I softly kissed her forehead and said, " love you damn it,for this". I left the house.

 I met Malvika ,where I was said. We discussed the entire thing,decided the entire procedure. She said with a sudden shock," I guess, priya loves you". I gave an unexpected, ' i don't know look '. She said," Today is just an intro to your case,so next hearing requires strong witnesses ". Soon we left for our session. Five minutes,before the session started, I felt a hand over my shoulder,I turned to see who is it so? The person was quite unexpected, it was Priya. She was smiling, she sat on the chair next to me and clasped my hands and entwined our fingers. I was feeling happy and strong,by seeing her beside me. When my eyes turned towards my left,I saw Ruhi staring with a deadly gaze.

When the judge entered the court room,all stood to express gratitude. The judge ordered Ruhi to first say her allegation, she describing all her fantasies, In which I touched her,I had it with her,she became a mother. Every word she spoke was a complete bull shit. It was really difficult for me,to change every lie from the array which she programmed in the court room. My turn came to prove all the allegations wrong. I narrated entire story,which seemed false and fake. But was the reality. The judge asked for witnesses in the next hearing, which I had none till yet. The court also asked for DNA test of the child and me,as she was in the last weeks of her pregnancy. We soon left, but Ruhi still had her wild and jealous eyes on my love. I don't why she was doing it so. It made me notice her again and again,which Priya noticed again and again. Soon ,Priya and I left. I decided to drop her home and then goto office after lunch. 

I went upstairs with her, I asked her immediately that why did she came after neglecting. She said ignoring my question," What you want for lunch?" and smirked. I again and again prompted the question,after asking for the seventh time,she answered ," because, I am staying with you for so many months,so I can't trust you but as a friend.." I started blushing, then she ruined my moment of pleasure by declaring her decision, " I have not changed my decision yet". I forced a fake smile. After having lunch with her,I left for office. 

I reached home a bit late, I found her sleeping on the couch in the drawing room. I tip-toed towards my room. I got freshen up. When I came out,I saw Priya taking some pills ,I insisted her to ask but she didn't replied. We had our dinner. But it made me cautious about her health,she was hiding something from me,my instincts were on theirs extreme.




What would Priya do?Does she love him too? ..... 

Stay tuned to know what's next😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊😊😊



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