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Chapter 16

After a few minutes, I sat on the dining table. She didn't even approached me, I felt she might be quite sleepy so I ignored it and concentrated on my roaring belly. I went to sleep,still one thought was bothering me,why did she came to court after neglecting it. Soon I slept.

Next morning.

I woke up and got ready for a usual daily routine. It seriously freaks me out sometime. As soon as I returned from the shower,I saw her sitting on my bed and smiling notoriously. I asked her,"What happened, something wrong today you suddenly in my room? " She suddenly bursted out of laughter,I again exclaimed, " What,Ooops don't say me my towel dropped please". She tried controlling her chuckles and moved towards the dining table. I wore my normal office wear and went to eat something.  When I sat at the table,I saw her staring me with a huge smile on her face. I ignored it and regained my mind towards the breakfast. Still I was feeling her eyes on me. I looked up at her,she winked and blowed a flying kiss. I was shocked,is it really her. I couldn't get it, what exactly she was doing was unexpected.  I decided to calm down my nerves,I asked her patiently, " are you ,ok today,is every thing fine today?" She nodded her head and started staring me again. I decided to leave it on her, I some how digested that my lady can go crazy,if she gets excessive trauma. I finished it and moved towards the door,I opened it ,suddenly Priya dragged me inside and shut the door again. She came extremely close,with her eyes sparkling. She grabbed my collar and put her arms crossed around my neck. She kept staring into my eyes. I was not able to understand anything, does the sun rose from west? Is she gone crazy. Before I could presume any further I asked her," W..wh..what?" I couldn't believe myself she made me stammer. I never feel shy in front of girls. She slowly chuckled and moved towards her room. I was still left in awe. I decided to leave or else she will make me go crazy.

In the evening.

When I returned,Priya was missing. So I decided to freshen up. When I returned,I saw one orange coloured envelope on the tea table. I went closer to take a look at it. When opened it,I couldn't believe my eyes, it was written 'Divorce statement '. My hands started trembling,my heart raced,my tears flushed without my permission . I decided to keep it back instead of reading it further. I was down on my knees,I couldn't stop my eyes. I was broken by seeing it. I was still blaming my destiny,'that why always me?' I was getting furious over her, how can she do it to me? How can she be so harsh? Suddenly a voice came from inside,' it is not her,it is you,it is your past ruining you,don't blame her,she deserves much better. You don't even know she loves you or not. She just wanted to be free from this wedlock specifically you '. I yelled back," No,she can't ,she can't leave me". I tried controlling myself. Soon I heard door opening. It was her,she was wearing a classic  green and yellow saree. She was just looking so beautiful. But my eyes went towards the envelope, I realized that she deserves much better. I forced a smile at her and moved towards my room. I heard her calling me,"Aayush,aayush". I went out to her,but couldn't make an eye contact with her,I was still nervous. I asked her patiently, hiding my tears,"Yes ,Priya ". She said," let's go somewhere out tonight ". I whined about my working schedule and ignored it. But she didn't, soon she convinced me too. We went to a near by restaurant, ordered for something usual. I kept quite all the time. After getting rid of the silence she asked," What happened to you? Not flirting today". I kept silent. She clasped my together and asked ," Are you fine? Looking tired and a bit stressed  today ".I said in a pale tone ," not feeling well,so..". She slowly took her hand back and started eating. She was pretending as if nothing happened, but it was eating me inside. Suddenly, she popped with another a topic and said, " Mamma Is calling us both to Chennai,there's some family gathering soo..". I couldn't control myself,  I asked," What?". She exclaimed, "Yes,for 3 days,its compulsion for both of us". I was wondering why? I didn't responded her. Soon we left the place. I couldn't imagine any second without her,but what about her does she feels the same? Maybe the answer is 'no'.The divorce statement was the major proof.

When we reached our home,I went towards my room,it was something different today,after seeing the envelope I was shattering every second and she is not even bothered. I was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling. Suddenly, I heard the door opening,I acted as if I am asleep. She silently said,"Aayush,are you asleep?". She came on her knees,and raced her finger in my hairs and slowly kissed my forehead and replied, " goodnight Aayush!" . After a few seconds of silence in the room,I checked whether she is there or not. I was freaking out,as I was confused by the envelope  and her sudden change in behavior, I never observe her coming in my room. She was confusing me. I was getting irritated. I went to sleep somehow,leaving everything on destiny. 







Were they really about to divorce? Or.... just...a...

Well the mystery continues 😜😝 so stay tuned .....




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