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Hush, young fellow, close the doors
Hide and make no whisper
This is night when something roars
Slinking under vesper

Monster knows all sins you've done
All your jokes and secrets
Flout the nun and poison bun
Stolen for blind preacher

Listen! Heavy footfall! Hoofs
Marching near your window
Neither pleading and nor off
Make the Krampus fargo

Claws already scratched your door
Chains are clanking louder
Fizz birch rods and shake the floor
Here's your penance, wrecker!..

Boy has gone in endless bag
No one seen him after.
Such a cruel faith of wag
Usual for grafter.

So, young reader, make a note
And remember clearly
I krampus never would forgot
Evil you've done merely!

Михаил Рудин

#88 in Mystery
#34 in Supernaturals
#94 in Short stories

Story about: christmas, krampus, night

Edited: 08.08.2019

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