Legend of a swordswoman

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Chapter 2: Life in the New Game and Punishment

[Welcome, PLAYER, to World’s Miracles. Please Name Your Character]

[Sakie] I replied

[Welcome Sakie, Please choose your appearance, you can adjust it from 0% to 50%]

[40%] I said, thinking it is safer for me

[Well, then. Please choose your race and class, the race and class choices will determine your starting stats]

There are tons of races and classes shown to me. I skimmed through all of them and chose the one most suitable to me.

[Human, no class] I said

[Are you sure you don’t want to choose a class?]

[Yes] I replied

[Then, you can assign your own stats yourself]

I was then given 50 starting points to assign to my statuses, which are Strength (STR), Agility (AGI), Intelligence (INT), and Endurance (END), There is also a status called Luck, but it was predetermined to all players and cannot be increased any further. As I was chosen to assign them myself. So all my stats are 0 to begin with. So I placed 40 points of it in agility and 10 points of it in strength. Which gave me the base weaponless attack damage of 2-3 points, and my attack speed and evasion rate of [Very High]. I looked satisfied at my stats and proceeded to choose my own weapon, as my own habit, I choose the beginner sword to begin my adventure. And I was given some beginner outfit as my armor. Then I was sent into the world.

As I opened my eyes, I was amazed at the realistic environment of the game itself. I swung my arm and leg around to test its response rate. And found out that I got the same reaction speed as my real life body. I smiled at the scene of that, knowing my real life body’s advantage. I remembered that I have to accept quests to level up and earn money so I decided to go and find the village chief.

As I walked to the village center, I passed by a statue with multiple dragons on it. I remembered that this is the Dragon God statue that once terrorized the land for few hundred years. So I was interested in its durability and my sword technique. I drew out my sword and sung hard at the statue.

[Alert, you are damaging village infrastructure, Please stop or you will suffer the wrath of the Dragonkin] the system alert popped out

I smiled at the alert and continue my vandalism of the statue. Then after few hits a light shined from the statue and encompassed me.


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