Legend of a swordswoman

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Chapter 12: Siege of Suzaku Army

The next day at class, the whole class was talking about Seseki. Most of the students were asking each other to form guilds and parties to hunt together. Only me, Reina and Eriri are not approached by anyone so we formed our own small group.

“So, what quest did the king gave you, Saki?” Eriri asked

“Well, gather materials for a royal feast quest. No award for completion, and total expulsion if failed.” I said casually

“What, that’s horrible!! I can’t believe the king gave that kind of quest to you.” Reina exclaimed

“Well, don’t worry. The feast won’t be able to be held.” I said

“Why so?” Eriri asked

“Well because, I’ve got an inside source saying that the City of Suzaku will begin its siege on the castle two days after.” I casually said

“Eh, then should we tell the king?” Reina asked

“Nah, the city will announce a defense quest when the time comes. But either faction is of no relationship to me.” I said casually

“Well, what is your plan?” Eriri asked, interested

“Well, I found out a very good spot to set up camp at. Next to a river with tons of different fishes and close to a lake as well.  Nearby it is a forest with many mushrooms and wild berries, and also nearby is a cave filled with many rare ores. I have no idea why no one claimed dibs on that place but I am going to set up camp there and live there. So I won’t be coming to Regalia City anytime soon.” I said casually

“Is that place that luxurious?” Reina asked

“Yup, if you girls want to come then message me. I will send someone there to bring you two here.” I answered

“OK!” both of them agreed


At home…………………………………………………………

“Well then, time to set my plan in action” I said to myself before wearing the helmet.

When I logged into the game, I saw the whole Regalia City was in a high alert state. I grabbed one of the players nearby and asked them what happened.

“Don’t you know? The Suzaku army is marching towards this city. The king is rounding up any available personnel towards the castle to prepare for the final defense against them.” The male player said

“Huh, I didn’t know.” I replied

“The announcement came out two hours ago. Go check it out, not going to talk anymore, I’m going to the castle to secure a place for myself.” The male player dashed off while saying

I decided to go check out the announcement and found out two announcements. One from Regalia City, it is about recruiting defenders from all cities to defend the city. The reward is awesome. And the other is from Suzaku City, which is about recruiting fighters to join them in the assault of Regalia City. Before I proceed to the western gate, a notification bounced out in front of me.

[The King of Regalia City has requested your presence in the castle. Do you wish to join in the defense of the Regalia City?]

I clicked ‘No’ and another notification popped out

[Are you sure? Your status as Regalia Citizen will be forcefully removed and you will be transported out of Regalia City by force. And your relationship with Regalia City will turn to ‘Hostile’]

I clicked ‘No’ and then my status as Regalia citizen has been removed and I was transported out of the city. I smiled as it saved me the time to walk out of the city myself. As I proceed towards the route shown on my map by Rave, I was surrounded by a group of soldiers, judging from their hawk symbol I deduced that they are from Suzaku city.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here? Little girl, drop everything you have and maybe we will let you go unscathed. If not……hehehehe” one of the soldiers said as he laughed wickedly

I smiled as I heard this sentence. Because the thing I thought of is that these guys are so idiotic to think that stragglers from the Regalia city are weak people. So I decided to teach them a lesson to not rob anyone they come across.

*Swoosh* an arrow flew

“AH-“a soldier fell before finishing his yell

“W-what? W-who’s there!?” the captain yelled

“Well Remia, Rumia, let’s teach these Suzaku idiots that in this world, you don’t random rob anyone you see.” I said

“Roger.” Rumia and Remia answered as they walked out of the shadow

“W-Who the hell are you two?” the captain asked

“You weaklings dare to touch master? We will erase you from this land.” Rumia said

“W-wait!!!! We will let you go!!! D-Don’t kill us!!” the captain said scared

“Master, Edward and Rave are waiting at Avalon. They urged us to come and get you.” Remia said

“Avalon, huh? Well let’s go. Ah? About them…..” I pondered as I look towards the soldiers

“N-nothing!!!! We heard and saw nothing!!!! Am I right, men?” the captain said loudly

“Sir, yes sir!!!” the soldiers responded

“But I’m still worried about our secret being revealed…..” I continued

“I-it’s alright!!!! We swear on our life that this secret dies along with us, not a third soul will know about this!!!!” the captain said


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