Legend of a swordswoman

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Chapter 25: Ryuuhou's True Identity

“Saki!!!!” Reina and Eriri yelled as they saw ST AR-15 carrying the unconscious Saki.

“Shh~ She is just exhausted from draining her stamina too much. Just let her sleep.” AR-15 explained

“Thank goodness~” Reina exclaimed

“Where’s her sword?” Eriri asked

“I’m here.’ A man’s voice sounded

Reina, Eriri and M4A1’s team all turned to look at the source of the voice. When they saw an unfamiliar man, they became high alert. M16A1 and M4 Sopmod even held their weapons high and pointed at the man.

“Relax, I am friendly. I am not here to harm any of you. If I were, then mere weapons of yours can’t stop me.’ The man said

“Who are you?” M4A1 asked cautiously

“Before replying your question, I would like these two ladies to have a little recovery nap from their worries about their friend here.” The man said as he snapped his fingers and Eriri and Reina felt the urge to sleep.

“What happened…?” Reina asked before falling down and slept

“Why do I feel like sleeping…?” Eriri asked before falling down and slept too

“Now then, since there is no more witnesses. Time to answer your question.” The man said as he finished checking that Saki, Eriri and Reina were fast asleep.

“What do you mean by ‘no witnesses’?” M4A1 asked cautiously

“Since these 3 girls here are real players from another world, so it will be hard for them to accept the fact that I knew about their world. So I decided to put them in sleep to not shock them of the truth that I will say later.” The man said

“What truth?” M16A1 asked

“The truth of my real identity.’ The man replied

“Huh?” M4 Sopmod pondered

“My name…….is Ryuuhou. I am the sword of this girl Sakie. But in reality, I am also known as Ryuunosuke Touma, the eldest son of the Ryuunosuke household, and also the heir to the Ryuunosuke Group. But my brothers, Ryuunosuke Kinji and Ryuunosuke Kimito did things to prevent me from inheriting the company. So my physical self is now in a coma state, and my father did what he could to preserve my consciousness. And with that objective, he made this game Seseki, with the name called Sekai no Kiseki, or also known as World’s Miracles, in order to allow me to continue enjoying the beauty of living as a normal person in a different world. And since I cannot activate the pulses of the machine towards the brain, my father invented a machine to put my consciousness directly into the game. But the only flaw is that I am bounded to an item, and cannot leave it. So my father bounded me to this sword, in hope that a fated person will one day find me and bring me exploring around the world.” Ryuuhou, or also known as Ryuunosuke Touma explained

“This……” M4A1 muttered

“This is…something….really.” ST AR-15 muttered

“So, please do keep this a secret from Sakie, and also her friends. I will continue to act as a sword spirit so that she doesn’t suspect anything, but I doubt that with her intelligence, she had suspected something. I also don’t want her to hate the Ryuunosuke Group for this, because it is not my father’s fault, but my brothers who wanted the company all for themselves.” Ryuuhou explained

“But why don’t you explain everything to her?” M16A1 asked

“Because, I do not want my precious fiancée to live her life full with hatred and revenge….After all, from my knowledge of her from the years till now, I know that she will go through ups and downs in order to find me…..’ Ryuuhou said as he caresses Sakie’s face with an expression full of love.

“How did you…” M4A1 muttered but was interrupted

“Know her? Haha~ Well, we were childhood friends from young until three years ago.” Ryuuhou explained while laughing

“I see…” ST AR-15 muttered

“Well then, I’m sure these three girls had their fill of napping already. I shall take my leave then. See you all next time, and it is nice talking to you all.” Ryuuhou said as he disappeared and Sakie and the girls woke up thereafter



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