Let go.

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Something is off

   "No mat..ter what Kaima m..ust live" a dying woman said.


    "daddy where we going?" Kaima jumped on the couch with excitement.

    "well daddy and mummy have decided to take you to disney world today" cassie told our daughter while putting on her lip gloss.

   "I thought daddy and mummy don't have no money?" Asking.

    "well for our dearest kay kay we saved alot to take you there. How excited are you?" Replying while running around with her.

 *Lean on me, when you're not strong
And I'll be your friend
I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long
'Til I'm gonna need
Somebody to lean on* 

    came jamming from the radio.

    "i miss the old time babe" cassie leaned on me as i drove.

   "me too" leaning in for a quick kiss.

     "Watch out for the truck in front daddy" kaima screamed.

    *straighten up*

     "hold the brake philip" cassie called out.

     pressing as hard as i can* "cassie the breaks not....


     "cassie? Kay kay?" Staggering towards them.

     fliping cassie around who seems unrecognizable,but still held our unconscious baby around her. "Am sorry cassie." Feeling guilty. If i was not trying to save money so bad I'd have serviced the car.

    "philip am dying. No matter what kaima must live" pushing kaima into my arms.

  • *watching her close her eyes* "ca.cassie? Cassie stop kidding open your eyes. What's the world without you? Cassie!!" Weeping my eyes out.
  • "help! help! my daughter's is dying" rushing into the nearest hospital.
  • "sir this is a private owned hospital please control your voice" an angry nurse shouted.
  • "please save my daughter" grabbing unto her arms.
  • pushing mine away. "You have to make a deposit first 350 dollar." placing a book in front of me.
  • "can you please take her in for treatment? I promise to bring back the payment" begging.
  • "hmm this is a private owned hospital we get our salary by your deposits. Why will i treat your child if you don't deposit first?" Closing up the book.
  •  searching for the ticket money i had on "here this is 150 dollar can you take this first?" About to lose my cool.
  • "is this a joke? How can you give me money that is soaked in blood?. Sir i feel pity for you,but without a payment there won't be no treatment. Next? Calling next while i stood infront of her.
  • *walking out of the hospital with kaima in my arms. Feeling her cold body i knew she was dead already and it wasn't long ago. Maybe if i was a little richer she would have survived*
  • "doctor philip the child in room 225 has died" a nurse came rushing up too me.
  • "i see. Move her body to the mortuary and inform her family".i continued reading medical records.
  • "right away" leaves.
  • "she was innocent you know? They all were innoncent" someone spoke at the door.
  • looking up "nurse kassie i see you like eavesdropping on me" 
  • "philip when will you look ahead your misery and see the world has alot to offer?" Raising her voice a little bit.
  • "you were cassie bestfriend. I don't think we ever were close, enough for you to lecture me?" Looking stern at her.
  • "i know how you feel i...
  •   "No!" I hit the table. "No you don't know how i felt watching my wife and 7 years old kid die. No you won't understand the pain of living in this sinful world alone. And kassie i think you should stop trying to mingle yourself with this matter." Standing up.
  • "i need to go somewhere. Call duty off for me"i leave a hurting kassie there.
  • *philp when will you let go? I know you going to see cassie and your kid, but those other kids were innocent*.
  • *At cassie and kaima grave which laid side to each other
  • "hey cassie" wiping her tomb. "Your bestfriend scolded me today for taking another child life. But how do i tell her it wasn't my intention to do so. Anytime i see a child the age our dear kay kay died or the age she would have been at the hospital, i can't control the hurt i feel and all i think of is to revenge our daughter's death" 
  • "cassie if only we hadn't gone out we three would still be together. Am sorry cassie, am sorry for not being the man you once loved. Am sorry cause my sins are so great that i miss the chance of seeing you and kay kay in heaven." Kissing her tomb.
  • "hey kiddo, daddy misses you alot. You always said you wanted to be like daddy, but if you knew what daddy became after your death am sure you won't want to be like him." 
  • getting up "ok i had a long day today. I have to go back now. Always stay close to you mum kiddo dad loves you" i left.


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