Let go.

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Character introduction.

  Philip brown: male lead 

   Height: 175cm

   Figure: hot 😂 he is hot.

   Hair colour: ocean sand colour (is that a thing😂)

   Hobby: talking to his dead wife and daughter, golf.

   Age: 32

   Profession: doctor. Went back to school to study medicine after his daughter death😭.

   Bad habits: loses his temper.


kassie mcdonald: female lead.

     Married: no has a crush on philip.

    Age: 30

   Profession: nurse at philpi hospital.

   Hobby: nags so much at philip, dancing

   Hair colour: light brown.

   Height: 161cm

    Figure: athletic 

   Has the same name with cassie just a different alphabet at the beginning, has the same hair colour with her.

  Kaima brown: sub lead.

     Age: 7 when she died and would be 14 if she was still alive.

    Hair colour: blonde with a brown highlight😒.


Cassie Brown: sub lead.

   Age: 24 when she died

    Hair colour: light brown

    She and philip were each other first love.

Jess bank: the nurse who refused kay kay treatment😤

    Age: 33

 Payton bank: jess son


    Health: has a severe heart problem.


Hey guys when i put in more characters I'd write a chapter to let you know them, but for now this are the main people. Pls show my work lot of loves. And you don't have to comment it i suck at puntuation😒. Wanna be my proofreader?



Edited: 28.07.2019

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