Lost In The Haze

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Part 0

I am a woman of few friends and many insecurities. I am single and would not describe myself as very attractive. I never really been in a long-term relationship. I am more of a simple and easygoing girl that is still living with her parents but for the record it is convenient and cozy. I don’t have many friends, but the few that I have are those of the rather long term. I can describe our get together as girls trying to perfect the crimes they commit together, much like the musketeers or something like that. Well not really, our get togethers consists of lots and lots of shit talk. Rumors and gossip are our specialty really. That’s what girls do, right? Talk about useless things and stuff…

My dream is to be famous and a person of importance. How will I accomplish that you wonder? Dunno, I will find out in the future I guess. Still a part of me just want a simple life. And a proper job that would allow me to pay back even a fraction of what my parents paid for me, it would suffice. Right now, I am still a student in high school, but my parents make me study very hard. I feel like I am studying to be a doctor or something… I always tell people that I would like to be something with blood. They always look skeptically back at me, I am sure they think that I will be a murderer or something. I don't really have passion for being a doctor, but rather it's my parent’s idea of how it will go down.


Enough of introducing myself. Let me tell you how my simple everyday suddenly changed when I had to leave it all for this attractive young man guarding me. I will have to start from the very beginning so hang on to your popcorn.


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Edited: 18.02.2019

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