Lost In The Haze

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Part 3

Thirteen days had passed.

Each day I was offered a paper with words and I had to learn all of them. I would get a test on them at the end of each day. Without fail the tests came every day, at precisely 8:00 PM.

I would sit in the living room, on the big black sofa in the middle of the living room and he would be standing in the open kitchen and look at me sometimes while he does the food or some other thing around the apartment. Every day, at 3:00 he goes out and comes back an hour later with a bag full of groceries.

We barely talk nowadays, I am busy with my words, phrases and tests and he with everything else around the house. I don't even try to have a conservation, neither does he. As you have noticed I don't really have a name for this guy. Yes, I really don't. I tried asking when I first met him one year ago, but he replayed with:

-"You can call me bodyguard or a simple 'you' is enough."

So, I don't really know his name either. But he knows everything about me. He knows everything about me and I can't help it. I don't know who he could be or why he is here with me. We had gone down this road of strangers for a whole year now and I really want answers from him. Especially as I have no one to rely on really, and I hoped I could at least rely on him. The thought kept me hopeful and focused on what I had to do, the tests that is. These damn tests.

I have not questioned anything since I got my last chock. It is more that I don't really know where to start, and there is the thing about not talking to one another too. But I had enough from all of this, I needed to know things. So, I was adamant to ask him all of this stuff on the dinner table. Today we ate something called kottbullar or something like that with spaghetti and tomato sauce. It was some Swedish dish, famous around here I have red in my Swedish book. The food was good actually, I liked it.

I still had focus on my questions. I think he could sense it, because he asked me if I was uncomfortable in any way. I looked in his eyes for a second but turned away fast. In my pocket I kept a note paper with all of my questions that needed answers. Only the basic info for now, the most important questions had to go first.


He kept looking at me with his deep, brown eyes which mad my face flush. He then slowly got up and came to stand behind me. Slowly, I felt his hand reach my pocket. As I did not know what else to do I held his hand in panic. I managed to get to his hand before it reached the note. But he had his other arm around my waist and reached my hand and shook it away from his. He managed to take out the note and then went back at his chair. He looked at me as if I had awakened some sort of solider within him. It was scary, his eyes said that I should talk now if I had anything to say. But I did not manage to get any words out of my mouth, I was blushing because of the thought of him holding my hand and because of the chock I got from his dead serious eyes.

Sitting on the chair he read my note. When he was done he put it on the table and he looked at me. I was trying to avoid any eye contact, so I looked right at my kottbullar, pretending to admire them.

-"My name is Joe Kal. I am the same age as you are. I did not choose any of this, I had to do this because it was an order and I don't wish for you to do anything like this again. You have to trust me no matter what situation we encounter. I am the only one that can and will protect you from getting into any sort of danger."

He got up and cleared the food out of the plates and did the dishes while I sat on my chair watching him work and trying to process the bullshit he just gave as an answer. Joe what? Bullshit.

-"You will for the first time go out with me tomorrow. You have to adjust to the people and the language here. You will be starting to attend school by next Monday, that will be a week from now. I will be your classmate, and you will act like we have never met before. Is that clear?"

-"Why am I here Joe? If that's your name" I gathered some guts and I felt my hands shaking. I put them down on my lap as to cover up the fact that I was scared. But I was not so sure it worked.

-"I asked you so answer me." He ignored me and was now in hos bodyguard mood. I got even more scared, but I did not want to back down now, not now that I had gotten so far.

-"I need to know why all of this is happening." Shit, my voice cracked.

-"If I haven't told you that means you don't need to know. I need to know if you understand what I am telling you."

I was irritated and angry. I will not be answering any more than he is. I pushed back my chair and I got up. I turned away from him and walked towards my room.

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me fast, I fell in his chest. His eyes looked at me with irritation. He held me strongly and he looked at me with his cold gaze again. He then turned away and dragged me alongside with him.

We entered a room that I have not entered before. I entered my room and the living area the other rooms were ofcourse locked. The thought that occurred to me was that it might be his room, mostly because of his clothes on the bed. The decoration was just like my room except for the different colors on the walls. My room was beige and his was dark blue.

He closed the door behind us and he let go of my wrist which was red by this point. He bowed down and reached for underneath his bed and took out a sheet of paper.

He put it on the bed and told me to sit down which I refused to. He tried holding my hand again but this time I avoided him. I gave him the same cold look that he always gives me.

-"I need to give this paper to you and your new passport and ID, so if you could please sit down for me to tell you the important info.”


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