Lost In The Haze

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Part 4

The next morning, I woke up on his bed with his sheets on me. I looked for him in the room but could not find him anywhere.


Jim. His name is Jim. A cute and short name. I smiled a little to myself.


When I sat up on the bed I saw the nice view on the side of the room (the wall was a big window).


The door was closed properly, not like he always does, leaves a space open for him to look after me from time to time.


So, I got up and pulled the handle, but it wasn't opening. I was unsure about what was happening or about what was going on, so I knocked on the door. Screaming his name did not help either.


As I was an easy scared person I started to feel the blood rushing through my veins and my heart was beating faster. By each minute that went by I had gotten more and more anxious, my breathing was heavy. When I could no longer lift my body, I fell down. The feeling of that I might have been left alone in this room or them killing me was unbearable. But I could not help thinking those thoughts and I was still knocking on the door, harder for each knock.


I finally heard a noise from the other side of the door and my eyes were by now teary. I think I was relieved that he had returned after all. He ran towards the door and quickly opened up the door for me. I could finally breath out and I felt how hard he pulled on my arms to make me stand up on my legs.


-"I am sorry I forgot to open the door in the morning. I got out to get some groceries to make breakfast for us." He almost had a confused look on his face. That this coldblooded human could make such mistakes was a surprise for me.


Suddenly anger thrust up in me and I could only think of one thing.






-"Why did you close the door last night. It is just you and me and you have all the keys. Why did you close the door?!"


I could hear my screaming voice. It was even piercing through my own ears. But I was angry. Even though I was the one that asked I did not want to have a conversation with him right now. So, I shook of his hard grip and limped into my room, which I would not leave for the coming few hours.


As the time approached 3:00 PM I heard him knocking on my door asking me to come out because we had to get out soon. But I was determined on not getting out or answering him. It was a pity that he had the keys to all the rooms. Because I could not lock my door. But until this moment, he hasn’t opened the door even once, so I doubted him doing that now.


This time however, I was wrong, because he did. He opened the door and got into my closet to take out new clothes for me to wear outside. I could not sit by and watch him quietly so I threw my pillows at him and told him to get out.


But he ignored me and went on with what he was doing. From time to time he checked his watch too. He pulled me once again by my wrist and led me to the bathroom. When we got there, he let go of my wrist, put my clothes on the hanger and looked me directly in my eyes.


-"I am following orders, so we will have to get out soon. If you refuse to do what you're told I will have no choice but to do it for you myself. Take a bath now and put on some clothes and then we will have to get out of here. If I did not make myself clear enough then I repeat. YOU WILL BE FOLLOWING THE ORDERS CORRECTLY!"


I stood there in a total shock. His eyes showed anger. He was angry. He has never showed any kind on feelings before, so this shook me to my core. Before I got any chance to answer him he added one more sentence.


-"I am not your babysitter, so I will not tolerate any misbehaviour from you! This is for your own good."


Even though I was shocked, I was not scared at all. I looked him right back into his eyes. The same tactics he used when looking at me I now used at him and I would not want to take a bath today. But the strangest thing happened right there. He held my hand and he lowered his now much softer gaze.


-"I am not the one in charge here. I am like you. I have to follow the orders, so please comply."


He then turned around and closed the door behind him. His face once again felt empty, it felt false and deceiving. I did never really think that he would care about me at all, so it did not matter to me.


I however took the bath and I got ready to go out. I did not do it for him, I just did it because I have not had a bath since yesterday morning. When I got out of the bathroom he was sitting on the big couch in the living room watching the TV.


I stared at his side view, and I really liked it. He had muscles everywhere and a dimple on the right cheek, if he ever smiled. He was slightly tanned and the way he looked at the TV was like a model would look at the camera in a photoshoot. He was perfect. At moments like this I felt like a teenager that looked at her crush. But once I would snap out of it I would notice how ridicules it really was to fall for your jailer. Is this what they would call a Stockholm syndrome?


I passed him by and looked through the drawer where the shoes were. There were shoes, but could I not find my shoes, the once I got here with or got kidnapped here with. There were however many new and unused shoes that were my size. I slightly glanced at him again.


-"These are new shoes for you so use them. I threw away your old once." After saying that he got up and took his keys from the table in front of him.


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