Lost In The Haze

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Part 5

He locked the door after us and we took the stairway even though there were an elevator that I really just wanted to take. When we were out, at last I told him that I wanted to take the elevator in the future, because I think I sprained my leg on the way down. It hurt the pain was not very intense, so I did not mention anything about the leg.


We walked down a nice and clean road. The whole time I was walking I think we passed 2 women. The way was very much empty of humans which was depressive, and I wondered what people did to have fun here. The tall buildings were mostly in red bricks and there were trees along the long road that we walked. When we reached the city, I could see many people at last. From many different countries. So, this country was actually very normal, thank God.


As I walked along side with him I hit a man with my shoulder. He seemed very irritated as he walked the other direction. Jim, or Joe as he prefers to be called, glanced at me. When I nearly dumped into another person he pulled me closer to him. Now he held my hand and he would not let go even though I tried to pull my hand out.


We walked the whole way to a place that sells vegetables, much like a stall but a lot bigger. Its name was 'marknaden'. I read about it in one of my papers.


-"Please don't bump into people. Walk behind me, I think that way you would make them feel more safe walking on this street."


-"Should I laugh?" I started talking in Swedish with him. Today's mission was to actually ‘try to get rid of my accent’ and to speak as if I was a native. As I was good in studying before it would not be as hard, and languages was my specialty.


For some reason he spoke like a native person. He really is good in everything he does is he not? I wonder how his father and mother looks like. I bet they are actors or models or something.


-"Talk to that man in front of the apples, ask him something about them and when you think that you're done buy something with this money."


He gave me different kinds of bills and coins. I knew each and every one of them, so I knew how much 'ett tusen' (one thousand Swedish kronor) or was and how much 'en krona' (one Swedish kronor) was.


-"Excuse me. how much does this cost per kilo?" I held an apple up for him.


-"The price is 'tio kronor' per kilo. There is a price in front of everything here." He made me sound like I was very dumb.


I took a look at the price tags, where he pointed, and it indeed did cost 10 kronor. I saw a plastic bag nearby that I took and filled with apples. I bought green and big once for me and Joe to eat later. I bought some oranges too, just in case he does not like apples. When I was done I looked for him but could not see him anywhere. I got some a little stressed out as I did not know the way back home. I tried looking for him and ended up bumping into someone again.


-"Ursäkta mig." (Excuse me; pronounced ursekta mei)


I did remember my Swedish at least. I rushed out of the stall and rushed to the side that I thought resembled the way we came from.


-"Are you not supposed to be my bodyguard. Well you failed hard!" I kind of whispered to myself, I was pissed off. Why would he leave me alone like this?


As soon as I found an empty bench I sat down on it and took off my shoes. As I thought, my ankle had been strained. I did not feel any kind of strong pain for now so I thought could still walk. I put my shoe back on and got up. As I started walking I thought of buying a drink for myself, in case I would be lost for a long time.


Before I reached the door to the nearest store I could find, I saw him smiling at the side of the door. He stretched out his arm for me.


-" Your ankle is hurt, it should be pretty painful to walk."


-"You're wrong, I’m fine." I tossed away his arm. But he was right, it got worse when I walked for a bit.


-"Where did you go? I didn't see you leave."


-"I was nearby, where I could see you, but you could not see me. Now let me help you with your foot, you seem pretty hurt."


I refused to let him help me of course. I should have run away but was to occupied with finding him. I must really have gotten some kind of Stockholm syndrome.


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