Love finds you

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Chapter five

I changed Eros to Tristan Luke Anderson 

Toni mahfud as Tristan

Enjoy reading 




As i saw her coming towards me i could only think about how beautiful she looks. Her long red hair tied into a bun her makeup is elegant her dress fitted her perfectly. She looked nothing less than a princess or should i say a fairy princess. I got lost in admiring her beauty. Sure she's inarticulate, stupid and dull but the girl i am seeing today is confident and far from being dull. When i first saw her at her house i was mesmerizing by her beauty. I noticed she's rather shy and naive not a trait i like in girls; she ain't my type. And i still don't know why my pops thinks so highly of her; all i know is she tried to steal my granddad from me. I am really close to all my family members my dad, my mom, kiara and granddad. For sometime we drifted apart because of this little girl, he started hanging out more with her and i felt neglected. I confronted him and now we're on good terms; well not exactly because now he's making me marry the girl i dislike. I remember the conversation we had in his office. 

one month ago

"What up pops, you called me" i asked clueless of the Tsunami that was about to come. 

"I did Tristan Luke Anderson" okay I'm in trouble because you know when your elders call you by your full name you are in trouble." I want to tell you that i want to arrange your marriage with Siobhan Hyland. You know the girl right. She is perfect for you."

"What!!! Are you kidding me pops. I am not getting married. I want to enjoy my bachelor life. I can have any women i want. Than why should i get married?"

"Marriage is not all about sex. It is about commitment, trust, respect and most importantly love. I see how your mind is full of rubbish and can't see you getting laid every other night with a new girl. Women are not your toys Tristan." Granddad lectured me.

"But they like being my toy. They throw themselves at me. And what is wrong with getting laid a guy's gotta live. My getting laid is not making any difference in the way i run the bussiness. I am soaring high in the bussiness world, only you don't see that. And this brings up the question, when are you going to make me the CEO haven't i proven myself enough?" I was furious.

"That bring up the point. I am not going to make you the CEO if you marry the girl. My father, you great grandfather handed over the family bussiness to me when i got married, same like his father did to him and i don't want to break the legacy. It's settled either you marry the girl or I'll hand the entire enterprise to your married cousin Nolan." He said firm and serious. 

"What!!!no you can't do this to me. I worked so hard to be where i am now to one day be the CEO. How can you think of handing it over to Nolan he doesn't even care about it like i do. And you can't force me to marry that dull lifeless girl. This is injustice." Why is he so crazy about me getting married to that girl. 

"I'm not forcing you into anything. You have your options the decision is yours." I don't get him. He's forcing me and yet he's saying he's not forcing me. I can't let him give away the empire i worked so hard for. 

I could've been an actor infact i am an actor. I did some award winning movies in my teens and early twenties because both my parents are famous actors, but after i graduated from NYU in business and finance i took over our family business. Since then I've hard really hard to prove that i am a CEO material. Now i can't let him take all my hardwork for granted. I can make a name for myself on my own too but Anderson enterprise is something i hold dear to my heart. I can not let Nolan take it away from me.

"Okay fine i will marry that girl. But don't blame me if her life is miserable and i still get laid every other day" i smirked . He should know that i would never let a girl rule my heart ever. Not after what Danielle did to me. He is only plotting to make Siobhan's life miserable.

"We'll see that, you'll become the CEO after your wedding" he announced


"Mom you know eavesdropping is not good" i told my mom. I saw my mom standing by the door listening to our conversation.

"Oh pls, i am your mother not the other way around. And also i want to talk to you about this issue your grandfather has unearthed." She said. I know she's plotting something it's better i find out about it.

"Let's go talk in my room". We went to the comforts of my room. 

"As you know i heard the converstion between you and dad, and i came up with the idea of you divorcing the girl after you become the CEO. What say?

"That's a really good idea. But the problem is pops won't let me divorce her he loves her to much to see her in pain. I don't understand what is up with this girl dad and pops seems to admire her too much" i said irritated 

"Oh my boy who said you'll divorce her right away . You can divorce her after dad dies he won't say anything then; will he?" She smirked. Did i tell you my mother is evil.... well she is.

"Don't ever say that again mom i love you but i love pops too and i can't even think about his death. We have to find another way to get rid of her. Kiara says she have rabies eh?" 

"I don't know about that .... but i know this that i will stay as far away from her as possible"


end of flashback

When she reach the end of the aisle i held my hand out for her (a gentlemanly kind of a gesture). As soon as her hand touched mine i felt this weird spark i don't know what it was, it felt like i have been electrocuted. I quickly snached my hand away from hers as if it got burned.

Everything was good. I was thinking she'd make a fool out of herself but she didn't. She does not suck at everything i guess.

"I know pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride" should i kiss her i shouldn't because i asked Kiara about her and she said this girl is a virgin and i am not that bad of a guy i know how much first kiss means to a girl especially when she's refrained herself for this long. Even though i wanted to kiss her soft red lips i didn't. So i leaned in and kissed the corner of her mouth making it seem like we kissed. I saw relief in her eyes. What!!!! She didn't wanted to kiss me! That's a new.


After becoming husband and wife. We all went for the reception at this grand reception hall. Even if it was a fake wedding i didn't want anyone having the wrong impression that i am Mr tight arms. The wedding was meant to be grand.

After everyone got settled it was time for me and Siobhan to dance. I was looking at her from afar and she was enjoying herself in the company of 4 old men 2 old women. What is up with this girl. Why does old people admire her so much?! 

"Mom's saying it's time for you both to dance. Go dance with her so this bullshit of a wedding gets over fast" kiara said. She's right the sooner i do all the wedding stuff the sooner it'll get over.

"Excuse me ladies and gentlemen i would like to steal my wife from you. Can i?" I asked the elderly people.

"Oh you may" one of the old lady said and gigled.

"It's time for the first bride and groom dance. Can you dance or do you suck at it too?" I asked.

"I can" oh i hate it when she gives me one word answer. I want to talk you silly girl; give me more than just one word answer. I don't know why i get furious when she doesn't reply me with a long sentence. I don't know it just makes me mad.


We dance on beautiful in white, i bet she loves that song. Girls mostly do, almost every girl i have been with loved this song. Too bad they didn't get to dance on it with me. I know i have a bad image of being a player it's not my fault entirely girls throw themselves at me.

After the dance i went to the bar to get myself something to drink. But my eyes couldn't leave her she was dancing with pops and her grandfather, dancing like there's no tomorrow. I have never seen her this wild before she's always so in control and obedient. I loved the way she dance like she doesn't care about anything like she's the only one dancing. No! I can't think about her like that i hate her she ruined my life. What is wrong with me today. I need another drink.


I was talking to some of my business partners, my eyes were still searching for those blue eyes. I need to get her out of my head, she's the reason i can't enjoy my bachelor life anymore. But i can.... who cares what she thinks i will do which ever girl i want to! 

When my eyes landed on her i saw Gage Mickealson throwing himself at her. All i saw after that was red.

"Excuse me gentlemen. I'll be back in a moment" with that i left to throw that hobo out of the venue.

Before he could steep anylower i grabbed him by the collar and threw him away from her. She was scared and i didn't like that.

"Touch her again and say goodbye to your fucking life. All deals with your company are cancelled Mr Mickealson" i said i was beyond furious. I did a big mistake by invitimg him to the wedding.

"Pls Mr Anderson I'm sorry i drank too much and got carried away. I am sorry pls don't cancel our deals. Pls we will go bankrupt" look at his audacity. You should've thought about that before you sick man.

"Security" was all i said and 2 men came to throw him out of the venue. Serves him right.

Then i saw the scared eyes of Siobhan "Are you alright. Did he do any harm?" I asked with a firm voice i didn't want to give her the clue that i was worried about her. 

"No" was all she said. One word anwer again, doesn't she know how to speak? I hate the fact that she's so tongue tied.

With that as the last word of the evening i told her we're going home.


Your daddy

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