Love finds you

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Chapter fifteen

Today i have been busy the entire day, studying, studying and some more studying. I don't have enough time for anything else these days because my exams are due in a month and i can not score less than 90% percent. All i want is to become a psychiatrist and make my father and grandfather proud, and maybe tristan too. After graduation I'll start my internship at a mental health care center, i still haven't send out my applications but i will before graduation. I am not sure about business studies though. I was never interested in it all i ever wanted is to become a psychiatrist and help as many people as i can. That's my goal in life to help others. 

After 6 hours of continuous study i decided to take some rest or I'll explode my brain. Brenda and jack came back 2 days after Tristan's birthday. I still can't get him out of my head what he said that night still bothers me. I wonder how can he always be there when i need him. It's like he knows when i need him and like my knight he comes to save me. I know i shouldn't rely on him, but what can i do? No one have been there for me like Tristan has. I have always fantasized about the one person who is carbed out of mud just for me. I always believed that i was made without a partner that I'll always be a loner. But with Tristan its like i will never be alone evr agin, it feel like he is my personal guardian angel. 

"What are you thinking my dear?" Brenda asked as she came inside the my sanctuary aka the library.

"Nothing just about exams" i said and gave her a smile.

"Would you like to come downstairs for dinner?"

"Is it dinner time already? Okay then" i said and we both headed downstairs towards the dinning room where jack was already seated.

"Good evening jack" i greeted him with a smile.

"Evening kiddo" he returned my greeting with a smile as well. 

"Shouldn't we wait for Tristan?" I asked

"He called a minute ago to inform that he'll be late tonight" brenda informed me. My face suddenly dropped and i didn't feel like eating anymore. We rarely eat together, once or twice a week. I know his work is important and not whinny like cliche girls but i wish we'd spend more time together.

"Can i ask you guys a question?" I asked

"Sure" they said in unison

"Brenda how did you know that jack was the one? Jack?" I asked, i was curious i know about Richard and Lily and also about my grandparents. 

"Well you weren't a very happy couple at the beginning. I was married to him because my parents were very poor and couldn't afford taking care of 7 children. I got married to him when he was 23 and i was just 16. I would fight all the time i just wanted to get rid of him. But at the end of the day he was always there for me. He would take care of me treat me well so eventually we put aside our differences and fell in love." She explained with so much affection in her eyes.

"I fell in love with her the day i saw her. And i knew she's the only girl I'd ever marry. I was a player in my youth but when my paths crossed Brenda's i knew i was a goner her eyes her smile everything about her made my heart explode with euphoria. It was difficult and awkward in the starting because of our age difference but we made it work out" he said and kissed bremda on her lips.

"Hello hello no PDA pls" i said and we all laughed.

"Siobhan dear" Brenda put her hand on mine and said "I know things are rough at the beginning but eventually Tristan will realize what a gem you are and you guys will live happily ever. And i think he has already fallen for you, trust me i know that kid I'm like his grandma" 

"I think so too the way he looks at you the way he cares for you. I believe he's head over heels in love with you. He just don't know that yet" jack sencond Brenda's statement. I love how these two lovebirds are always supporting each other, they are always there for each othe. I can't imagine Brenda's life without jack.


I have presentation tomorrow regarding business affairs and i am almost done with it. I'm a bit nervous because i suck at business studies. I wish i was like Tristan he's so passionate about it and he's good at it too. Will he help me with it if i asl him? Maybe he will he's very caring and helping but he's too busy and i don't want to add up to his stress by asking him to tutor me. 

I completed my presentation by 9. And i was so tired of studying so i decided to watch TO ALL THE BOYS I LOVED BEFORE. It has started to get a little chilly and it's just October. I heard the front door open. I went to greet Tristan i knew it was him because no one else visits. 

"Hi" i said. He gave me a nod of acknowledgement. He says he hates it when i nod at him and he's doing the same.

"Are you hungry? Brenda made meatloaf and lasagne today" 

"What did you make?" He asked

"Umm nothing i was busy studying today"

"Can you make something for me"

"Ahh .... okay ... what-what would like to eat"

"Anything you can make within 15 minutes or less... I'm really hungry"

"Okay" to be honest i was hungry too. I know i just at few hours ago but the presentation drained all my energy. I started making sausages, fries, mashed potates and chocolate shake for us. Yeah we both have huge appetite.

"What's taking you so long?" Tristan asked as he came in the kitchen.

"The fact that i am working alone by myself without any help from my husband for whom i am working so hard to please his tummy" 

"Whatever. Just hurry up"

"Are you kidding me right now Tristan. I am making dinner for you at 10:30 at night i am tired from studying all day. I have school tomorrow and a presentation and yet i am making dinner for you even when dinner has already been made. I am doing it without any complain just because the great Tristan wanted me to make dinner for him. And when i ask for help all i get is 'WHaT eVEr jUsT hUrRy Up'" i snapped and micked his tone in the last part. Immediately after my explosion i regretted it the last thing i wanted to do was make him angry and i did just that. He was shocked from my sudden outburst and then shockingly started laughing.

"What's so funny?"

"My baby is growing" 

"What!" He sure knows how to make me blush

"I mean the baby. The baby is growing, and i don't know how to cook that's why i didn't help you"

"I'm not a baby! And Finally something you suck at" i giggled 

"I don't suck at it"

"Whatever you say" then he started helping me. To say he suck at cooking is an understatement he is the worst cook ever he can't cook to save his life. After several failed attempts of me teaching him how to make chocolate milkshake we both gave up. He stood by the counter, while i made the rest of the dinner.



"I'm sorry for being rude to you before" 

"It okay Siobhan you don't have to apologize for the little things" he put a hand on my cheek and caressed it

"Why- why didn't you get angry at me?"

"It's because you finally stood up for yourself. I'm glad that you are starting to tell people off even if i was your first prey. And besides there's nothing to be made about it all you said was right i was bring self centered by being so oblivious of your efforts"

"Thank you Tristan for always being there for me. You know you are my hero. You always come to rescue me whenever i need you. Hey your like my personal guardian angel" we both laughed it off. But i saw a tiny hint of blush on Tristan's cheeks.


"What movie are you watching?don't you have school tomorrow"

"I do it's about to end" 

"What date is it tomorrow?" He asked

"14th october. Why?"

"So you saying you have a presentation on 14th october that is tomorrow on sunday?"

"Tomorrow is not sunday!" I checked the calendar on my phone and it was indeed sunday tomorrow.

"You need another reason from me to call you a baby" he chuckled

"You seem in a good mood today" i said

"I am in a good mood today... so wanna watch another movie as it's sunday tomorrow?" He asked

"Sure... i thought you didn't like movies"

"Why you thought that?" He asked 

"Because I've never seen you watch a movie or even a TV show"

"Well for your information i like movies i was an actor before. Don't you know? Now I'm too busy to watch movies"

"Oh that's why you seemed fimiliar when i forst saw you. I must've seen you in a movie before"

"Maybe though i left acting to persue my career in business management, i do model once in a while if i have time"

"You do look like a model. I suggest you should model more often"

"So should you, you have a very sexy body that you hide under the pile of baggy clothes. I suggest you should model as well perhaps with me" he can make women blush unintentionally and so effortlessly.

"I don't know about that.... let's watch a movie"

"Yeah ... what about THE SHINNING" 

"okay... never heard of that one before"

He put the movie and we started watching it. At first it was okay but then it got ugly and ..... OH MY GOD!!!!


"Hey what happened?" He asked in a worried tone

"You're making me watch a horror movie. I hate them"

"What!? Seriously?"


"What a baby!"

"Stop saying that I'm not a baby!"

"Then watch this movie me!" He said and smirked

"I am feeling sleepy" i said 

"Sleepy or scared make your mind baby siobhan"

"I get scared easyily okay? Now please stop calling baby"

"I will if you watch this movie with me" he challenged me. I shouldn't accept but i did it anyway at least now he'll stop calling me baby.

"Okay" i sat down beside him and held his arm for mental support. The movie was pretty horror and Tristan on the other hand didn't flinch at any scene. Every persom is different some get scared some don't. Throughout the movie i held his hand i clung to him like a leech, afraid for my life. Occasionally i would scream in Tristan's ear and he'd scold me. After an eternity the movie finally ended. I can live in peace again or so i thought. We said our goodnights and i went to my room to sleep. I tossed and turned, till i gave up i went to Tristan's room and knocked at the door. It's because of him i can't sleep it's only fair suffers a little with me. After a short while he opened it.

"What?" He asked in a husky voice

"I can't sleep"

"So why are you telling me?"

"Can i sleep in your room?"

"Hmmm" he opened the door fully so i can enter his room. It's the same as before filled with his smell and everything at it's place neat and tidy. I went to the couch to sleep there.

"What are you doing?"

"Sleeping on the couch"

"I won't let you sleep on the couch. you can sleep on the bed"

"I can't let you sleep on the couch it's your bed you should sleep on it i can sleep on the couch" i explained 

"No one is sleeping on the couch and shut up and let me sleep" i went to his bed and lied dowm as far away from him as possible.

"Why is your room so dark?"

"Women shut up and let me sleep"

"Why are you so rude?" I siad and no answer came figures he fell asleep already. The darkness in his room was giving me chills so i moved towards him closer to him, the apropriate kind of closer. And before i knew i was asleep.


Your daddy

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