Love Hate Relationship

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Chapter three

Waking up in the morning, Sasha was surprised because the room was not familiar, she frowned her brows and only realized then that she was married, well you won't blame her since she didn't wake up in her husband arms.

Husband? She turned to the other side of the bed but he was not there and then she heard the sound of a running water and knew that he was in the bathroom. She got up immediately, went to the wardrobe and got a robe and draped over her lingerie, she walked out of the room, went downstairs and got into the kitchen. Damn, she can get lost in this kitchen, she thought.

Everything was where it was supposed to be, nothing missing. It's really good to marry into a rich family not that she is poor herself, after all, she has been living a very comfortable life. She settled to make breakfast and decided to make the fastest since he was already preparing to leave the house, or is he not? She can't really tell after all, he can't be going to work since today is actually Sunday. She made pancake with sauce, she also poured him a glass of milk and arranged everything on the dinning table that is big enough for ten people.

She was about to go upstairs when she heard the sound of a door being closed and knew he was coming downstairs. He was dressed in a black suit and a white shirt. His hair as always was plastered on his head and wet like, where is he going? She thought, he looked really dressed up. He dropped his briefcase on the sofa and reached to do his cufflinks.

"Good morning" Sasha greeted but he didn't hear her or pretended not to. She bit her lip and walked a little closer to him "let me help you."

Michael remained silent and continued with what he was doing "I made breakfast, I hope you like it" she smiled.

Michael seemed to be done with his cufflinks now and only reached down and picked up his briefcase again and walked to the door. Sasha was shocked and watched him go, he stopped at the door without turning to look at her "when I give a rule, I expect it to be followed" with that he walked out of the house.

Sasha blinked twice and stared at the food on the dinning table, what the? Last night wasn't a dream? How is she supposed to live like this? How possible? What the hell does he mean by that, how can she be married to him but nothing, no interaction, nothing? Fine, she get it, he is gay but that doesn't mean he has to be so cold towards her, what wrong have she done?

She felt her head hurting due to the thinking and decided to leave the matter for now, when he is back from wherever he went she will talk to him. She stared at the pancakes and sighed before eating them. She went upstairs and took a shower, got dressed and decided to tour her house. She walked around the house and can't help but think that she really need a housekeeper because she definitely can't look after this mansion in her own, or maybe he already has one?

The house was not only lonely but boring too, she wish to call her friends but don't want to startle them, she just got married yesterday after all. She played away the time with her phone surfing the internet, when she was tired of little screen, she switched to her laptop. Luck finally smiled on her face and the day came to an end but her husband was not yet back.

She made dinner and hope he will be back soon and also to eat it. She sat on the sofa ready to wait for him but she ended up drifting off to sleep on the sofa. Waking up again, she looked at the time and it was twelve midnight, she looked at the dinning table and the food was just the way she left it. Is it that her dear husband is not yet back or what? She felt a sharp pain on her neck and winced, she had been lying down so badly just now.

She got up and walked to the dinning, stared at the food for some time and gave up waiting for me. He can come back whenever he feels like. She walked up the stairs and opened her room tiredly, she walked to the bed and fell on it like a lump of wood, she turned to the side and snuggled deeper into her pillow. Her eyes slowly opened but only to see a pair of blue eyes watching her.

She jumped up from the bed with a scream but the man just stared at her and turned his back to her. She stood staring at the lying figure on the bed while trying to catch her breath. When did he come back? How come she didn't hear him come in? Why didn't he wake her up? Didn't he know she was waiting for him? Why didn't he eat the food and most importantly, why give her such a scare? She almost had heart attack just now.

She really want to throw all her questions to him but seeing the way he have his back to her, she knew she would just be talking to an empty air. She sighed  and climbed back into the bed while staring at him, after confirming that he won't turn to her again, she released a sigh and faced her back to him too before turning off her lamp light.

The next day, she woke up to see the bed already empty, she checked the time and it was already 8:15, how did she sleep so late? She walked down the stairs and as expected, he has left the house. She sighed and walked into the kitchen, she fixed a plate of cereal for herself. When done, she went up to prepare for work.

She searched for her car key and remembered that she didn't come with it, she took one of the car keys she saw in his drawer and went downstairs.

When she got to the garage, she pressed the key remote and a black BMW unlocked, she got in and drove to work. She will worry about this new husband of her's when she gets back. She got to her work and parked the car, she got down and her workers were surprised to see her, didn't she get married just on Saturday? What is she doing here? Was the thought in everybody's mind.

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