Love Hate Relationship

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Chapter ten

Six months later, Sasha was in her office when her phone rang, she looked at the screen and discovered it was her mother in law that was calling, she picked it up "hi mom."

"Sasha dear, where are you?" Vanessa's gentle and graceful voice was anxious this time.

Sasha instinctively knew something was wrong and her heart pounded "I'm in the office, is something wrong?"

She heard Vanessa sigh "Come to the hospital, Michael had an accident."

The first reaction she got was too freeze, her brain stopped for a while before picking up, she tried so hard to understand what she just heard "hello, Sasha did you hear me?" She heard Vanessa asking on the other side of the call.


"Yes, I was shocked when I heard it too" Vanessa sniffed "just come to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, I'm here already" she hung up.

Sasha stared at her phone, and just as if finally getting back to her senses, she sprang to her feet immediately, she picked up her car keys and purse before running out of her office. She passed Janet who was on her to her office in a flash and Janet had to turn with a "hey" but Sasha didn't even stop neither did she turn.

She got to the parking lot and got into her car, she ignited the engine and pulled out of the parking lot all the while thinking on what she just heard, Michael had an accident? How in the world did Michael have an accident? What exactly happened? But no matter the kind of question she threw at herself, she can't seem to answer a single one.

In her haste to get to the hospital, Sasha beat a red light and an officer followed her immediately, she heard the siren and looked through her rearview mirror and cursed. She decided to stop so as not to make the matter worse. She parked at a corner and the officer stopped before her, she watched him through her side mirror as he got out of his car and walked to her car unhurriedly.

Sasha felt like getting out of her car and dragging the man forward but she can't, if she doesn't want to be charged as hitting an officer of the law, she rolled her eyes at that. Finally, someone knocked on her window and she hurriedly wound down and smiled at him "hey there officer."

"You were speeding and you passed the red light" he said directly.

Sasha was nodding "I know, I was at the wrong, but you won't blame me" she looked at him and smiled helplessly "I just received a call that my husband had an accident. I wasn't thinking straight."

"You did not drink and drive?" He asked with a doubt clear on his face.

Sasha shook her head vehemently "in broad daylight? Goodness no, I was just in a haste to meet him at the hospital. You should understand the pain of a wife receiving a call that her husband is in the hospital right? I wasn't thinking straight and I apologize. It won't happen again."

"What's your name?"

"Sasha" she said nodding "Sasha Brown."

Something flickered in the officer's eyes "Mrs Brown, I didn't know Mr Brown is in the hospital."

"It just happened" she smiled weakly.

The officer nodded "okay, I will let it pass this time. Don't speed again if you don't want people to visit you in the hospital."

Sasha smiled cause she knew he had already forgiven her "I won't, you have my word."

"I wish Mr Brown good health."

"Thank you" she said sincerely and the officer nodded before walking back to his car, Sasha waited until he drove off before she stepped on her accelerator.


Sasha arrived at the hospital and asked about Michael, she was told that he was still in the emergency room and she left. She saw Vanessa sitting on the chair in the lobby, her head was in her hands and she looked so lost. Her father in law was pacing to and fro in front of the huge doors, the red light was still on, showing that the operation was still ongoing "mom" she walked over to Vanessa in quick steps who looked up when she heard her voice.

A smile spread on her face and Sasha could see that she had been crying and both her eyes and nose were red. She raised her hand and beckoned Sasha over who sat beside her and hugged her. Vanessa caressed her hair and patted her, more like soothed her. When Sasha finally released her, there were tears in her eyes "it's been hard on you" Vanessa said in a low soft voice, almost a whisper, her voice showed that she had been crying.

Sasha wiped away her tears and smiled "it's okay. What is happening?"

Vanessa sighed and looked at the door "I don't know, it's been like that since I arrived and it's close to an hour now" she looked at the man who has been pacing to and fro and smiled faintly "why don't you sit down a bit?" She beckoned at the man who finally looked their way.

Sasha smiled at him and he returned her smile before walking over "Sasha dear, it's been a long time."

Sasha nodded, in as much as Joseph was good to her, she still find it difficult to communicate with the man and so hardly ask about him "do you know what happened."

Joseph heaved a sigh "I was in my office when I received the call, by the time I got here, he was already in there" he pointed at the huge doors "I haven't meet Gary anyway, I'm sure he will know something."

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