Love Is Enough

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               He took her completely by surprise, Ashley wasn't expecting this. In a second, his mouth on hers had become demanding, asking from her much more than what she was ready to give him. Justin's hands held her firmly. She no longer had time to resist him or to struggle anymore. "This is just a kiss", she told herself. She could still put an end to it, she was still able to break away from this embrace and to escape from Justin and his entire world.

           But before doing so, she wanted just another taste of him. Ashley wanted to feel his soft, warm, wet lips on hers for a little while longer, to enjoy his strong, firm, persuasive fingers on her body, to breath in the discreet and intriguing scent of his skin one more time, to lose herself again into his steely-blue eyes. Justin's mouth was giving her sensations that she thought she had locked well in a remote corner of her wounded heart. There were thousands of sensitive points on her body whose existence she had never realized until Justin's touch. He was bringing out into the light all the emotions that she kept buried for days deep inside herself.

            There were people walking on the sidewalk and looking at them, cars passing by on the street, but Ashley and Justin were too busy, too caught up in their kiss to notice it. Even if fall replaced summer for a while now, the asphalt was melting under their feet and the air around their bodies was one hundred degrees hot. The kiss was so engaging, so incandescent...

          After all those weeks, Justin found her, he finally found the woman who had taken away his whole heart and his mind when she left him. Now all he wanted to do was to continue tasting her, enjoying her again... slowly, deeply... His Ash was with him again, totally lost in his embrace, letting him taste the sweetness of her lips. Nothing else mattered for now... He would have time later, much later, to set the record straight with her, and to understand why Ashley was in his grandmother's house.

           Justin stopped kissing Ashley, but he didn't stop holding her tight to him. She was shaking, but so was he. He leaned his forehead against her head and tried to catch his breath and to start thinking straight again.

"We need a quiet and reserved place," he murmured. "We need to talk, baby. We have to stop pretending that everything we felt on our first night together or what we just felt isn't real."

"Justin, no... you have to let me go..."

"Ash, sweetie, I've been looking for you since the day you ran away from Cape Cod! Now that I found you so unexpectedly, you're asking me to let you go away from me again?! Not a chance in hell, baby! - he exclaimed, staring straight into her eyes with an intense expression that Ashley had never seen before. "Come with me!" he added, taking her hand and dragging her towards his car. "I will take you to your house because I need to talk to you, darling! You will finally listen to what I have to say!"

"I don't want to get into your car!" Ashley told him in a trembling, frightened voice. Her heart was beating fast, this time for a very different reason than before. "I don't want to get into this car with you so nervous."

"Ashley Hayes, I'm not going to lose you again, so you'll get into this car willingly or, I promise you that I will drag you myself in it... The choice is yours, baby!" he added in a tone that was a bit calmer, but still very determined.

             She quit staring at him, got into the front seat and after Justin closed the car door, she put on her seatbelt making sure everything was all right. Ashley leaned against the headrest and closed her eyes trying to calm down her heart. She was still a bit in shock, and not only because she encountered Justin again, but also because of all the twists of this day. Justin sat down, fasten his seatbelt and put his hands on the wheel waiting patiently for her to talk.

"You have to give me your address and do not insult my intelligence by giving me a fake one!"

           Without opening her eyes, Ashley told him where she lived. Justin started the engine and the car started to move slowly. Ashley's hands were clenched, and she was taking small, deep breaths. She kept telling herself that everything was going to be just fine, that nothing bad was going to happen. "Don't open your eyes! Don't look at the road! And, especially, don't look at him!" she kept repeating herself, over and over again, like a chant.

             But when she felt that Justin had unexpectedly changed the direction of the car, she opened her eyes and all she could see was a very shiny Porsche that passed as quick as a silver bullet, a few millimeters from her side of the door and then it continued on its way as if nothing had happened. The driver had tried to pass a van that was parked in the second row and his little car got too close to Justin's. He was so close that Ashley could see the person's face... a kid too young to drive such a fast, dangerous car. Ashley remained still, looking in front of her with her eyes wide open, too scared and terrorized to even make a single sound. In an instant, all this mess ended. Justin managed to avoid the Porsche and the 'culprit' disappeared at full speed passing with the red light and getting lost in traffic.

Emma Swan

Edited: 05.09.2019

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