Love Is Enough

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            Justin's bedroom door opened slowly, and Celeste looked carefully inside. He was sleeping with his back against a couple of pillows. The blanket covered him only from the waist down. The lamp near his side of the bed was still on and the laptop too. Printed sheets were scattered on the bed's cover. Justin was probably working on a new novel. Maybe this time he will write something about their love story. Celeste smiled, approached his bed and sat on the edge. He had a syringe with a small needle in her hand and put it on the dresser. She gently caressed Justin's face, then her fingers slightly touched his lips. Her mouth got closer to Justin's and kissed him first very slowly, then with passion. Justin moved a little and whispered something and then Celeste raised her head and stared at his face. He was still under the influence of the Valium she gave him earlier. She still had a few minutes with Justin like this, completely drugged, and she will make the most of it.

         She put aside his laptop and the sheets of paper and then stood up to take off the dress she was wearing. She sat back down on the bed this time much closer to Justin only in her underwear. She pulled off his t-shirt and undress him without waking him up. Now he was really ready for her and she was ready to make this an unforgettable night for both. She kissed him again and then she sat on top of him. Justin mumbled something, but this time he tried to open his eyes. He couldn't. Celeste told him to stay calm, that everything was all right and that she would take care of everything. Celeste continued to kiss him, and she was utterly surprised when she felt Justin's mouth kissing her back. How much she missed... his way of touching her, his kisses burning her skin, his hands that she loved to feel on her body. Finally, they were about to make love again. Celeste gently caressed his face.

"Is it... you?" Celeste heard Justin whispering.

"Yes, my love, it's me," she answered his question. "I'm here for you only. Don't talk. Just take me in your arms, kiss me and make love to me right now."

            Celeste took Justin's weak arms, put them around her body and hugged him back. It was an absolute paradise to feel again Justin's skin on hers... After this night she would never let him go again. All Justin had told her earlier was his anger speaking through him, he never meant it any word he said. He needed her, needed her love to recover and start living again, to be able to face his uncertain future. She was Justin's hope, with her next to him, Justin would have a wonderful life. He would become the heir of Marianne and also of the old Norah who certainly was about to die quite soon anyway, and, after this night, she would become his wife. Celeste Amberville or Celeste Huntington-Steel... Both names sounded absolutely divine, whatever Justin's final choice of his name would be.

                She smiled completely happy and she raised his head to look at his gorgeous face. Justin tried to keep his eyes open, but the Valium was a wonderful medicine that was Celeste's strong weapon right now.

"Justin, my love, if you only knew how much I want you..." she whispered licking his earlobe. "All the nights I spent thinking about you... And now you're finally here, with me. Tonight, I will be yours. From tomorrow on, nothing and no one will separate us anymore."

"Yes... No one... no..." Justin stammered trying to raise his hands to touch Celeste's face, but he could only touch her bare arms. "What... Who..." he continued, but it was very difficult for Justin to form simple sentences.

                Celeste moved her face slightly away from Justin's to see how he was doing. His eyes were open, and his expression was extremely confused.

"Darling, it's all right," she said softly leaving a trail of small kisses on his neck and then on his bare chest. "Now focus on me, on my voice. You don't have to do a thing, I'll do all."

"Ash... My love... Where..."

                Hearing the name of the woman she hated most in life, Celeste stopped as if she felt an electric shock all over her body. She was here, on top of him, half-naked, kissing and hugging him, giving him all her love and he was still thinking about this little bitch? Was he really serious?! Celeste got out of the bed and began to pace the room. After a while, she stopped and stared at Justin who was still looking around him very confused. He even tried to get out of bed, but his body was very weak.

"Justin, I can't understand you..." she replied, nervously resuming walking. "I am here, ready to love you, ready to be yours forever and you want a woman who not only abandoned you when you needed her the most, but she didn't even try to find you. No, your beloved Ash won't come here... No one will come here looking for you! I will not let a living soul come near you! YOU ARE MINE!!!" she ended her speech almost screaming.

"What... are you... doing here?" Justin asked continuing to stammer.

"What am I doing here?! I'm worried about you, here's what! I am here to help you because I am the only person in this world who is interested in what's happening to you!" Celeste replied, approaching the bed again. "Ashley doesn't want you, she abandoned you! Your grandmother abandoned you too! I am the only one who cares about you, the only one who loves you, the only one who will take care of you! And for all these reasons, Justin, from now on, you'll love me!"

Emma Swan

Edited: 05.09.2019

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