Love Is Enough

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                 She slowly opened the bedroom door, careful not to make too much noise, and cautiously looked on the corridor. Celeste was in the living-room, walking back and forth. She was able to see her shadow moving along the floor. Celeste's last words had frightened her a lot, but Ashley had to calm down and try to quickly come up with a plan to save Justin's life. Celeste was literally crazy, Ashley was completely sure. She had to find her cellphone and to alert the police before things took a wrong turn.

                Walking on her toes, she approached the chair. Only now she realized that Celeste had opened her trolley and pulled out all her clothes. Every small garment had been torn to pieces, ripped with bare hands or cut with the scissors. Celeste, in all her madness, destroyed every single item she had. It started to get really cold in the room, but Ashley didn't seem to mind. Looking at all this disaster, she felt scared and also very angry.

               Under this pile of ripped clothes, she managed to find her red coat that had the same fate as all her other belongings. Ashley felt a lot of pain and anger and gritting her teeth, she searched through her pockets looking for her cellphone. She managed to find it and for the first time since she entered this house, she smiled with relief. Ashley turned it on but realized that the battery was almost dead. She touched the display and dialed 911, and the cellphone turned off almost immediately. She shook her head, turned it on again and looked desperately for the phone charger under the pile of ripped clothes. She needed to keep her cellphone in charge just for a few minutes. But in her uncontainable fury, Celeste had also cut the charger’s wire. At this point, for a brief moment, Ashley wished to lay down on the floor and abandon herself to the pain, the despair, and the frustration. No, it wasn’t, the case so she shook her head and pushed away those thoughts. She couldn't give up, otherwise, this crazy woman would kill Justin.

               Ashley wiped her tears and picked up her cellphone again. All right, she won't be able to call, but she would be able to at least send a text. She couldn’t send it to David, he had to take care of Emily and the baby that they were expecting. She couldn't scare them like this, otherwise, Emily could lose this baby too. She had to send it to Michael, he was the right person to call the Cape Cod Police Department to send somebody and help Justin and her.

               The sound of footsteps on the corridor made her startle, so Ashley quickly put the cellphone in her back pocket and hid in the closet. She even stopped breathing being afraid not to be discovered. Through the shutters, she saw Celeste walking slowly towards the smashed window. She looked out again quite cautiously, first to the right and then to the left. For the first time since she woke up, Ashley was able to see her face. She expected to see a typical mad woman with messy hair and smudged makeup, but Celeste was elegantly dressed in a pair of jeans and an angora sweater, with perfect makeup and with her hair combed in a ponytail. She looked like her normal self if it weren't for the chilling expression on her face and the small gun she was holding in her hand. Ashley realized that Celeste knew what she was doing, so she had to be very careful and plan well every single step.

            With a suspicious expression on her face, Celeste looked around, as if she was looking for something. She walked to the chair and she stared at the floor. A large smile appeared on her lips and she looked up.

"My love," she shouted, "the slut is hurt, there's blood on the floor." He went to the door. "There's a lot of blood behind the door, probably she was hiding her. Smart bitch, but not smart enough to win this game. If we get lucky, she will bleed to death and get lost in this thick fog. Maybe mother nature will give us a hand in this direction,” Celeste added, starting to laugh with satisfaction and she left the room.

              Celeste's voice, the wickedness of her words didn’t promise anything good. The fear of the unknown was stopping Ashley from staying focused. She was standing still, waiting for the right moment to get out of the closet. She took the cellphone from her pocket, put it in the silent mode and before it could turn off again, she started to write a short text to send it to Michael. Ashley pressed the send button and prayed that the text would arrive at its destination before the cellphone’s battery died permanently.

            Hanging in the closet, there was Justin's leather jacket. It was very cold, so she took it and put it on. Oh, the smell of his perfume... No, this wasn’t the right time to sink into the memories, she had to stay focused as much as possible. There would be enough time to remember, to talk, to explain, to love each other. Looking at her palms, Ashley said to herself that she had to find something to bind up her wounds and to stop the bleeding. She slowly opened the closet door and went out then took two strips of fabric and cover her palms. Her brain was now fully awake, so she started to think. Maybe she could try to escape from the window without getting hurt even more… This way, she might have a good possibility to find help. But Celeste had a gun and was planning to kill Justin. She couldn't leave him alone.

Emma Swan

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