Mademoiselle Prince (on-Hold)

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Chapter 2 - "Brother-In-Law"

Chapter 2


Since it was already revealed that the prince was really a woman. The "he/him/his" will become "she/her/hers". 

"I give up prince!"

A young knight told the prince while panting and removing his helmet. He already looks so exhausted that his sweat is like a stream flowing down from his face.

"What? Already?"

The prince removed her helmet with a disappointed look.

"Then the winner again is Prince Daniel!"

The chief knight named Paul took the prince's hand and raised it together with the other knights clapping and cheering.

"Thank you for letting me spar with you, prince"

The young knight bowed to the prince sending her gratitude for choosing him to train swordfighting with her.

"It's a pleasure training with you too"

The prince thanked the young knight before going to the chief knight.

"Well? How did I do?"

The prince proudly asked the chief knight who serves as her trainer in swordfighting.

"'ve been winning these past few days, I have to say that I'm so proud of you for improving a lot!"

Sir Paul praised the prince which made the prince grin in satisfaction.

"But you still can't beat me"

The chief knight continued to said. The prince glared at him and unsheated her sword.

"Then, I'm challenging you to a duel!"

Prince Daniel challenged to the chief knight.

"Alright, but don't cry if you lose"

The chief knight said before putting on his helmet.

"Not if I beat you, sir Paul!"

The prince confidently said before putting her helmet once again to duel sir Paul this time.

"Let us begin, Prince"


The two of them come forward to each other and clashing of swords can be heard from their fight.

Although at the end the prince was pointed by a sword in the neck meaning she loses the fight.

"Looks like I win again"

The chief knight proudly said before bringing his sword back to his sheath. Sir Paul give his hand to the prince who is sitting in the ground.

"Arghhh, I can't believe I lost again!"

Prince Daniel growled in disbelief and took sir Paul's hand to stand.

"It's your 150th time of losing to me"

Sir Paul giggled while counting the times Prince Daniel lost a duel to him.

"What? It's only 147!"

The prince complained which made sir Paul laugh.

"You really remember! Hahaha"

"Alright! I get it!"

Prince Daniel flushed in embarassment. A loud clap from the crowd of knights was received after their duel.

"You are still awesome, Prince!"

"Way to go!"

"Alright! You did very well Prince!"

The knights shouted in joy because of the wonderful fight they had.

"The knights really love you"

The prince smiled in return after sir Paul told her that.

"I wish my father would see me like this, do you think he will be proud of me?"

Prince Daniel whispered to him which made sir Paul mess her hair.


"I'm sure King Danford will be so proud, seeing his son to become a great future king"

Sir Paul grinned before letting his hand off from the prince's hair.

"Thank you"

The prince needed that. For the prince, sir Paul became her father figure and has been training her since she was a child, giving her advice like a real father especially since he was her father's bestfriend.

"Sir Paul, can you tell me more stories about my father?"

It's been a while since Prince Daniel heard stories about her father.

"Do you really want to?"

"Of course I do"

The prince's eyes sparkle in curiosity but before sir Paul could say anything someone hug the prince from behind.

"Guess who??"

A familiar voice asked her before putting his hands on her eyes.


The prince slightly punch his stomach after he let go.

"Oof! I was just trying to surprise you!"

He grinned. Sir Paul sighed and giggled at them.

"You two really remind me of the late king and myself when we are younger"

Sir Paul told them while wiping a small tear from the corner of his left eye. Prince Daniela and Edward looked at each other first before looking at sir Paul with a confused look.

"But of course, I'm more handsome than my son"

"No you are not!"

Edward reacted with a noticeable glare.

"Oh yeah? You are nothing compared to me before"

Sir Paul laughed at his son, Edward. So you know, Edward is the son of the maid Lisa and the chief knight, Paul. Although Edward is his son, he doesn't have a knowledge of wielding any weapon.

"Chief! There are chariots and a carriage coming inside the castle!"

A knight called sir Paul and told him that there is a large carriage wanting to enter the castle.

"Alright, let me help in greeting the visitor"

Sir Paul stops for a moment to look at the prince to tell him that her training is already finished.

"Thank you, sir Paul"

The prince told sir Paul before leaving with Edward.

"So prince, who do you think is the visitor?"

Edward wondered with the prince.

"Probably an aristocrat or a royalty who has business with the kingdom"

The prince guessed.

"Anyway, I need to rest first and take a bath"

Prince Daniel told Edward before going inside her room.

"Take your beauty-- I meant handsome rest!"

Edward told the prince before she close her door.

She rest for a bit and remember what happened last night.

( A woman?)

The prince flinched a bit with a nervous look.

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