Mademoiselle Prince (on-Hold)

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Chapter 3 - "Meeting the angel of death"

Chapter 3


"Meeting the angel of death"



The queen is weeping in her room all alone. Prince Daniel woke up from her sleep because she can hear her crying from her room.

(What's wrong?)

Prince Daniel tried going to her after she peeked at her door but her mother told her to stop.

(Don't come, I'm alright...)

Queen Alexis told her after she noticed the prince going near her.

(You see, I'm just remembering your's his death anniversary)

Queen Alexis tried smiling for her son. Prince Daniel gave her a worried look.

(Everyday...I miss him so much...I...I wish he could see you grow, I'm sorry)

The queen suddenly hugs her only child and continues to apologise.


The little prince also cried and hugs her mother back.

(I'm sorry you had to do this...pretending to be a boy..., you should have had long hair, wear nice dress and jewelries, having teas with other princesses rather than training with swords)

(If only...he didn't die...then you can live your life happily as a princess...I'm sorry...I'm really sorry...)

The queen hugs her son more tightly apologising again and again.

(Mother, I love you...)

The little prince speaks while crying.

(...I love you little princess)

Queen Alexis just smiled with tears in her eyes.


The prince shouted when her mother coughed blood and fell infront of her.

(...I think it's my time...)

Queen Alexis tried speaking but she just coughs more blood.

(Mother! What are you talking about?!)

( have have to become king! Your the kingdom's only hope! Please...make sure Prince Dace won't become king...)

Queen Alexis said before closing her eyes. Saying her last request to her son.

(! Mother!!!)


She suddenly woke up from the carriage sitting together with her mother. The carriage suddenly stops from her shout.

"Is there something wrong, your Highness?"

The coachman asked the queen and the prince.

"Oh it's nothing, it's Daniel waking up from his deep sleep"

The queen smiled at the coachman before the coachman starts the carriage again.

"My goodness, Daniel! What is that about?"

The queen asked her son with a worried look and putting her hands on the prince's shoulder. 

Prince Daniel is sweating like crazy, it seems obvious that it is not a good dream.

"So it was all just a dream..."

Prince Daniel whispered before sighing in relief.

"How bad is it?"

Queen Alexis asked but Prince Daniel told her that it was nothing. 

"Just me falling from the sky"

The prince gave her mother a cheeky smile but the queen just rolled her eyes and is still not convinced but give up anyway.

"Whatever your dream is please don't think it too much. Overthinking is not good"

The prince nodded. But she still can't get over the dream or more like a nightmare she had. Is there something her mother is keeping from her? 

"We are almost there, your Highnesses"

The coachman told them which made Queen Alexis look outside the window and saw the beautiful flowers outside tbe kingdom of Lazulli.

"My my, Lazulli is indeed one of the most majestic kingdoms in this land"

The queen looks very pleased observing everything.

The sound of the large door opening from the kingdom can be heard. Finally, they are inside the Lazulli.

Everything is sparkling. Villagers are laughing and cheering. It is obvious that they prepared for this large event.

"Truly fascinating isn't, my son?"

The queen giggled in amusement. The prince also look outside the window of their carriage and agrees.

"I think so too, mother"

As they go down from the carriage, a lot of prince and princess are inside the castle talking to each other and drinking.

"Isn't it Queen Alexis Miriam Charlisle!"

Both the queen and the prince look at the woman who approach them.

"Queen Christina Rose Burton! My sister-in-law!"

The two queens hug each other. 

Prince Daniel bowed down to Queen Christina after the two queens hugged each other.

"Greetings, Queen Christina" 

"Oh! Prince Daniel?! It's been almost forever since last saw you!"

Queen Christina hugs the prince and pinch her cheeks.

"By the way, where is my older brother?"

Queen Alexis asked Queen Christina who pointed King Alfredo Monde Burton. He was drinking wine with some aristocrats and fellow kings.

"He is drinking again?!"

Queen Alexis looks at King Alfredo with angry eyes.

"Believe me, I tried stoping him"

Queen Christina sighed in disbelief. 

"He hasn't changed, he has been like that ever since we were young...if he keeps drinking more wine then he'll be drunk in no time! Just like how he did before when I'm introducing myself from my husband and he suddenly sings from the top of the table, he really tries embarassing himself"

Queen Alexis gritted her teeth in frustation while remembering how King Alfredo embarassed himself.

"Should we stop him, both?"

Queen Christina giggled.

"Let us go stop him before he tries embarassing himself again"

Queen Alexis and Queen Christina went to King Alfredo to stop him but Queen Christina called her son, Prince Alec Christopher Burton. He has a blonde hair and blue eyes.

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