Mademoiselle Prince (on-Hold)

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Chapter 4 - "A New Discovery"

Chapter 4

"The Secret of Thomastine"



"Prince! Do you really have to go?"
Edward is crying infront of the prince who is packing her things to go to college.

"Yes, I should"

Prince Daniel shortly replied while continuing to pack.

"But, I will miss you~ Please don't go!!!"

Edward took a handkerchief from his pocket and blows his nose to it. He is crying since Prince Daniel packs her bags.

"Come on Edward, stop crying like a kid! You can visit me there anyway, and I will visit here on vacations. It's not like I won't see you again"

The prince told Edward with an annoyed look.

"I can't! It's just too painful for me to bear!"

Edward continues to cry infront of the prince which made the prince sighed in annoyance.

"What if you will find a new bestfriend other than me? You will forgot about me!"

Edward sniffles and blows his handkerchief once again.

"Listen, you will forever be my bestfriend and that will not change anything, alright?"

She gave Edward a grin and a wink.

"Prince!!! I love you!"

Edward suddenly hugs the prince which made the prince fall from her bed. Edward is on top of her, this made her blush hard.

"Prince? What's wrong? You're all red! Are you sick?!"

Edward put his hand to her forehead. His face is all close to hers which made her push him hard that Edward falls out of the bed.

"I'm alright!"

Prince Daniel said calmly telling herself that it was only an accident.

"That hurts, you know!"

Edward complained before standing up holding his head.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!"

Prince Daniel told Edward with her face still blushing.

"Prince Daniel, the carriage is already prepared...the queen is also waiting for you outside"

Lucia, the headmaid and Edward's mother told the prince while bowing to her.

"Ah! Thank you Lucia! I'm almost finished"

"Prince really had grown"

Lucia happily express her admiration to the prince giving her a sweet smile.

"Lucia...I'm going to miss you!"

The prince suddenly hugs Lucia which made the headmaid hug back.

"Prince Daniel, you are like a son to me also...I'm thankful that Edward made such a good friend like you, do your best in college"

Lucia patted the prince's head after pulling from each other's hug.

"Lucia, you know you are like my second mother...I'm thankful for everything that you've done for me, my mother and for the kingdom"

Prince Daniel smiles while remembering the times where she was just a small child and when her mother is busy, she always goes to Lucia's and play with Edward, they sometimes eat together and sleep in the same bed. Lucia has always been her nanny and she's the only one who knows the secret of her being a female. Lucia even hide the prince's true identity to her husband and only son.

"Awww~ prince!! Come back, alright?!"

Edward hugs the prince again and ribs his cheeks to hers while tearing up.


Shw sighed in disbelief while Lucia is giggling at them.

"Are you sure that's everything you need?"

Queen Alexis asked Prince Daniel before getting inside the chariot with her luggage.

"Yes mother, I don't need to bring too much things"

"Are you really sure?"

"Mother...for the fourth time, yes.."

Prince Daniel laughs at her mother, it is obvious that she is the one getting nervous.

"Alright, alright and be sure to send me letters every week!"

" already said that inside the castle"

The prince continues to laugh at her mother.

"One last thing then, give your mother a hug"

The queen opens her arms and shyly told her son. The prince grins and hurriedly gives her mother a hug.

" your best"

Queen Alexis hugs her son tight and a small tears came down from her eyes.

"You said you won't cry when I leave"

Daniel giggled, still hugging her mother.

"Goodluck, Daniela Alexandra daughter..."

Daniel's eyes grew wide after her mother whispered those words to her ear.


"The future ruler of the Thomastine kingdom"

The queen whispered to the prince again. She pulls back from their hug and puts her hand into her face.

"Show them what you are capable of"

The queen gave her a wide smile but it looks very sad and lonely.

"I will mother, I won't disappoint you and everyone...I will make father proud"

The prince smiled back before going back to the carriage.

"See you!!!"

The prince waves to them, to her and everyone in the castle.

After prince Daniel leaves with the carriage, the queen suddenly felt dizzy.

"Queen Alexis!"

Lucia went to her before she almost falls to the ground.


The queen lost her conscious afterwards.

"It may seem that your sickness is getting worse, have you drink your medicine?"

The royal physician asked the queen who is lying in her bed after checking her condition.

"Yes I have, but it seems that it's not working anymore"

The queen told the physician. Lucia is in his side looking at her worriedly.

"Hmm...I see, I should give you a stronger medicine but I suggest that you should rest more and eat plenty of healthy food...I'll be back later and give you the medicine"

The physician told the queen who is now sitting in her bed.

"Thank you, you can go now"

The queen express her gratitude to the physician. After the physician had left the room, Lucia suddenly goes to her.

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