Mademoiselle Prince (on-Hold)

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In late 18th century, a kingdom called Thomastine was a very peaceful place with a good king as their ruler and villagers who work together and admire their kind ruler. A king named David Rouston Charlisle has two sons who are Prince Danford Charlie Charlisle as his eldest child and Prince Dace Roderick Charlisle as his youngest son.

Prince Danford Charlie Charlisle was the heir to throne and was really smart, brave and has a talent for almost anything unlike his younger brother Dace has nothing compared to him. Both brothers loved each other dearly but people tend to compare them so Prince Dace grew hatred to his brother as they were growing up together and always seeing his older brother gets praised and him getting ignored by his parents.

His hatred grew more after Prince Danford took Princess Alexis Miriam Burton of the country Flazaille as his fiance whom Prince Dace loved dearly since his childhood.

Before the wedding and the coronation to Prince Danford, Prince Dace tried to kidnap Princess Alexis and poison their father but Prince Danford stopped him and fight him, of course in the end, Prince Dace lost and he was exiled by his father from the kingdom but before he left, he told his brother that he will come back and take the throne.

Many years later the King passed his throne to Prince Danford and he becomes King Danford Charlie Charlisle and his fiance Princess Alexis becomes Queen Alexis Miriam Charlisle. Prince Dace came back and plead his brother to make him live in the kingdom again and that he promised that he will be good. Their father is already dead at that time.

King Danford forgives him since he is still his brother but he must prove his words in order for him to trust him again. Prince Dace did a lot of deed such as helping farmers in their farm, giving food to the poor and donating money to the church. King Danford was impressed so he took his brother to wars but suddenly a tragedy happens after their war from the Yyisviel kingdom.

Queen Alexis was said to be pregnant with a heir while his husband left for the war with the Yyisviel and was ready to give the news to her husband after the war but to everyone's shock, King Danford was said to be killed and only his sword was retrieve.

Prince Dace immediately wanted to take the throne and Queen Alexis as his wife after his brother's burial but Queen Alexis told him that she is pregnant with the King's child and that he is the right heir and not Prince Dace. So for the next years, Queen Alexis was the one who is managing the kingdom and become it's temporary ruler rather than giving it to Prince Dace for she knows what he will do if he managed to take the throne even for a while.

Queen Aelxis waited nine months for the birth of her unborn child. Their unborn child was the only hope of their kingdom but...

"It's a healthy baby girl"

Queen Alexis was surprised when she see that her child was a girl. She told the woman who gave birth to her daughter to keep it a secret and that no one should know that it is a princess and not a prince.

Queen Alexis told everyone that the baby was a prince where Prince Dace shouted in rage. Queen Alexis tried very hard to conceal her daughter's real identity thus calling her Prince Daniel Alexander Charlisle although her birth name is Princess Daniella Alexandra Charlisle.

Queen Alexis tried her best to raise her as a boy and telling her that the only way to save the kingdom is for her to be a boy or his evil uncle will take the throne. She began cutting her hair until shoulder length, dressing her up as a boy and putting bandages in her chest, teaching her everything she needs to know to be a prince until she is ready to be a King who will surpass her father.

"Don't you worry father, I will continue your legacy and become the best king that everyone will remember"

She said before she took her father's sword before leaving his grave and heading to the college she will go to.

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