Mademoiselle Prince (on-Hold)

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Chapter 1 - "Being a Prince is not easy"

Chapter 1 

"Being a Prince is not easy"


"Prince! It's time to wake up! Queen Alexis is calling for you"

The prince stood up from his bed and replied to the maid knocking at his door.

"I'll be right there, let me just change my clothes"

He took some clothes from his large closet and change his wardrobe. Before he goes down to join his mother in eating breakfast, he went to one his large window from his room and open it.

He saw the villagers chatting and working with smile at their faces, their smile also made the prince smile knowing that the villagers are getting happier everyday.

"What took you so long? The food is almost cold"

His mother, Queen Alexis Miriam Charlisle said to her son while drinking tea from the royal table.

"I apologise mother, I overslept from training"

The prince gave a big yawn before sitting in a chair near his mother.

"Daniel, manners please"

His mother told him after he gave a big yawn. She is clearly displease at how her son acts.

"Sorry mother"

Prince Daniel said before eating his breakfast. As a prince, he clearly has a large appetite since he quickly clean his plate and have another serving after eating the first.

"The prince gets more handsome and handsome each day, right?"

"Yes, he sure does! That's why I like him!"

"Too bad, stop dreaming! He will never marry a third class maid like us"

The prince can't help but smirk after hearing the loud whispers of the maids behind him.

"But...I'm wondering why I think the prince looks more like a girl than a boy?"

Prince Daniel suddenly coughed after hearing the last whisper from the maid that he almost spit the food he is chewing.

"Daniel, is something wrong?"

His mother asked and everyone was shocked after his sudden cough.

"It's nothing mother, I forgot to chew my food well"

He tried laughing it off but his mother just sighed with a worried look.

"At first, I thought he coughed because he heard us"

"Thank goodness"

The maids sighed at the same time as the prince sighed after hearing them.

"Really but...I think he looks more like a girl than a boy"

"Come on! You are just overthinking! Maybe the prince is just a pretty boy?"

"Pretty boy?"

"You know...feminine type of handsome?"

"I see! Maybe I'm seeing too much girls since almost the helpers here in the castle is mostly women! Hahaha"

"Hahaha, you may be right"

Prince Daniel again sighed in relief after listening to them again.

"Daniel, you've been sighing since you got here, is there something wrong with you?"

Queen Alexis gave her son a worried look but Daniel told her that he is still only sleepy and quite tired.

"Yu have a few more hours before your lessons begin so I suggest you must rest for now"

His mother told him who is clearly worried at her son who had been tired and sleepy these past few days ever since his training lessons.

"Thank you mother, I will"

After breakfast, Prince Daniel went back to his room and go to his large bed. He looked at the beuatiful ceiling and raised his hand.

He looked at his small hands and slowly close his eyes.

"Am I worthy of being a king?"

He asked himself before putting his hand down and sleep.

(Mother! Mother! Look! This cute ribbon looks good with my hair!)

The little prince went to his mother who is working at her room to arrange meetings and managing the kingdom.

(Daniel! Give me that!)

The queen quickly took away the ribbon the prince put in his hair.

(But mother!)

(No! You musn't! Didn't I told you to not reveal your secret?!)


(No buts!)

(Grrrr! I don't undertstand you mother!)

(Daniel! Come back here!)

The prince went to his room and cried to his large bed. The queen knocked on the prince's door.


(I'm not here!)

The little prince tried covering himself in sheets to hide from his mother.

(I'm coming in)

The door was unlock so she proceeded to come inside the room.

(No! I said I am not here!)

The prince covered himself with sheets more making him look like a catterpillar.

The queen sit at the prince's bed beside him. The prince moves away from his mother but his mother tried to sit beside him which made the prince fall down from his bed after the prince continues to move away from his mother where the queen is doing the opposite to him.

(It hurts!)

(Oh my! Are you alright?)

The prince tried to stop his tears from falling further because of the pain and the queen went to him after he falls and tried to talking to her son.

(Listen honey, you know that I'm doing this for your own sake. For the villagers and for us, right?)

The queen put both of her hands in the prince's small shoulders explaining her reason for her son to understand.

(Don't you want to help the villagers?)

The queen asked the little prince. The prince nodded while wiping his small tears.

(I do...)

(Then you must understand why I'm doing this, right?)

She hug the prince's small body.

(I understand...I...also want to do this for father)

The little prince said while hugging her mother back.


The prince's eyes opened quickly when he heard a knock from his door. 

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