Marriage Rights: Billionaire's Forgotten Wife

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Chapter 15: Just A Last Resort

Yu Qiao's eyes bulged but he was quick to act as he immediately ran towards Mo Lihua to grab her by the waist before she hit the ground completely.


He seethed in annoyance to Mo Lihua, who was bent forward, "Lihua you are already drunk, let's just go home!"


"Lihua! Are you alright?" Yang Chen exclaimed with concern. "Brother, thank you for helping her. I can take over now," he said to Yu Qiao as he reached for Mo Lihua with both hands, but before he was able to do so Yu Qiao quickly placed her to his side, away from Yang Chen's reach.


Then with a frown, Yang Chen uttered, "Brother you can release her now," before briefly looking at Mo Lihua. "She will get dizzier if she moves too much."


Yu Qiao's face was black as he gave Yang Chen a glare. 'Who is your brother? Take over your face!' he thought with anger.


"My sister will go home with me now." Yu Qiao spoke tightly, not even giving Yang Chen a chance to respond as he dragged Mo Lihua out of the bar by the waist.


Mo Lihua did not want to leave the bar, "No! No!" She started to fidget away from Yu Qiao's hold. "Get off!" she shouted with all her might, but she was just ignored by him.


Seeing that they were already outside the bar, Mo Lihua exclaimed, "I do not want to go home! Stupid Qiao!" she said indignantly. Then she added under her breath, "You are not real! You are not Brother Qiao!" Since Yu Qiao is obviously stronger than her, it was so hard to get away from his grip regardless of how she tried.


"Ouch!" Yu Qiao exclaimed after Mo Lihua bit him hard on the arm! Because of this, he subconsciously released Mo Lihua, making her fall on the ground, on all four.


After removing her shoes and holding them in one hand, she stood up abruptly. She did not move immediately, as if she was trying to maintain her balance.


Then, to fight off Yu Qiao, she threw one of her shoes at him, hitting him in the face while using the other to continuously hit him hard!


"Stop!" Yu Qiao shouted furiously, as he tried to grab the shoe from her. Thankfully it did not have sharp heels! This was his first time encountering a Mo Lihua who acted like a child.


"Enough!" Yu Qiao shrieked to scare her, but Mo Lihua continuously hit him until her arm got tired.


"Go away! Stay away! You fake!" She threw the shoe at him, and immediately turn around, running away to the bar.


Since she was still not able to walk properly, he was able to quickly chase after her, "Mo Lihua! You are not going back there!" Yu Qiao grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up to put her over his shoulder.


"No! Put me down! Kidnapper! Help!" Mo Lihua shouted as she punched his broad back. "My glasses!" she added when her glasses fell on the ground.


"Stop moving!" Yu Qiao uttered with clench teeth, his hands gripping her tights. One of Yu Qiao's hands was under her butt, covering her so no one else will be able to see her panties.


'No, I am not taking advantage of her! This is just a last resort.' He thought to himself, justifying his hand that lay very close to her private part.


"Brother! If Lihua does not want to go with you, please respect her decision," Yang Chen stated calmly. "Here, I got her bag and glasses. I will bring her back home if needed," he offered.


"Yang Chen! Help me!" Mo Lihua raised her head to Yang Chen, her hands reaching out to him. "I want to go with Yang Chen! Let go of me!" She cried out, on the verge of crying.


"She will go home with me," he replied to Yang Chen, not even bothering to turnaround to look at the man. "Behave or I will call your father!" he said to Mo Lihua before placing her down.


"I hate you!" Mo Lihua exclaimed before looking up at Yu Qiao with a glare. He was supposed to make her understand that whatever she is doing is wrong, but the words that he initially wanted to speak of were suddenly forgotten.


"Lihua?" he asked, feeling dumbfounded, confused. Who is this woman?! This is not the Mo Lihua that he remembers Did he make a mistake?


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