Marriage Rights: Billionaire's Forgotten Wife

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Chapter 27: Tipsy


Mo Lihua also remembers begging but was just ignored as the gunshots continued. The more she remembers, the more her erratic her breathing becomes.


'Stop! Stop thinking!' Mo Lihua tried to change her thoughts to something else, anything else, but she failed. 'Why now?!'


Then Mo Lihua heard Rita asked worriedly from the other line, "Young Miss are you listening?" but she was too deep in her memories to even respond properly to the maid.


'No! No!' She screamed inside her head, fighting as more memories floated to the surface.


"Young Miss?! Young Miss?! What is going on with you?!" Rita exclaimed as she cried again with worry.


Mo Lihua's hands started to shake uncontrollably, causing her to drop her phone on her feet, making her begin to return to her senses.


She immediately grabbed her bag and removed all its content, specifically looking for her pen.


As soon as she found it she twisted the middle to split it open, removed the two pills that she hid inside and quickly swallowed them.


Mo Lihua slumped to the floor, leaning on the side of the bed. She closed her eyes as she waited for the pills to take effect, making her feel relaxed and tired at the same time.


'Why now?' Mo Lihua asked herself. 'Is it because of the alcohol? Doesn't matter, I am not 10 years old anymore.'


"Young Miss please answer me!" Rita continued to shout frantically across the other line. "If you won't respond after I count to 5 I will immediately run and inform the master about everything!"


Mo Lihua smirked slightly as she thought, 'With all of your screaming, I can bet father already knows that something is wrong.'


"One!" Rita started counting worriedly. "Two!"


Mo Lihua answered tiredly at three, "I am fine, just tipsy. So very tired, fell asleep for a moment." Then she chuckled softly, to pretend that everything is alright.


"Tipsy?! That's even more dangerous! What if you met a stranger with bad intentions while you are drunk?!" Rita exclaimed with disbelief. "Young Miss, why would-"


"Rita, can we talk about this tomorrow?, I am really tired. Please?" Mo Lihua had already heard all about this danger earlier from Yu Qiao and she did not want to remember how he proved it.


'A man is a man.' Mo Lihua thought helplessly. It is probably for the best that Yu Qiao stays away from her. The further the better.


There was a long silence on the line before Rita finally responded softly. "Young Miss, we only want you to be safe always. I know it is hard, but you understand that it is for the best, right?" she asked.


When Mo Lihua did not answer, Rita continued, "Master Mo trusts the Yu family to be around us, so I believe that it is worth it. Don't forget that Young Master Yu has always been the only one who can make you drink your medicine, even though no one has ever told him what it is for nor does anyone wants to tell him.


He may be stupid now for choosing the bitch with the big breasts and no brains as a girlfriend over you but, Young Master Mo is still treating you as his precious sister. You are still important to him so trust him more, alright? If we tell him the truth, he would probably understand," Rita added carefully.


Mo Lihua smiled helplessly as she thought, 'I don't think that is a good idea, Rita. I showed him my real face and he just thought that I was covering my flaws with make-up…


Plus, he is already getting himself much too involved with my supposed boyfriend because he is worried. What if he learned more about the people in my past? His sense of justice would not be able to take it.'


Why is she so unlucky as to have blood relations to the worst people in the world? If they could do those things to her before when she was a child, what more would they do to outsiders like Yu Qiao?


Will he think that I am like them, too? Deceitful, cruel and merciless?


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