Marriage Rights: Billionaire's Forgotten Wife

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Chapter 33: Very Grateful

"Young master, are you already awake?" Yu Qiao is still in frustration to the point that he was not yet able to clean himself when he heard the female caretaker's call.


"What is it?" He answered, annoyance clear on his tone that immediately adds to his frustration. The others should not be affected by his own incompetence.


"I am sorry for waking you up young master, but Master Mo arrived and waiting downstairs…" the caretaker replied softly.


'What? Master Mo? Godfather?' Yu Qiao asked himself dumbfounded.


"Young master?" Since Yu Qiao did not respond the caretaker anxiously called out again. "Are you alright? Do you need me to help?" Offering as aware that he was drunk last night.


"No! I… I mean no need. I will be down shortly…" Yu Qiao hurriedly stated before immediately getting up to take a shower and clean his shamelessness to be presentable.


The Yu family owes a lot more than gratitude to the Mo family. Yu Qiao's godfather is his father's best friend that helped them so much every time of need, especially when his mother died when he was ten.


Yu Qiao's father fell into a depression that almost makes their family business go on bankrupt. He was even neglected as a son.


At that time, his father got involved in bad women not even caring if they only want money just to get passed with loneliness. There are those as well that use his father's weakness to get company confidential information.


Seeing that his friend's life is falling apart, Mo Che temporarily took over the company and took them in so they can be taken cared off closely.


If not because of the Mo family, his father may have wasted all they have. Even the Yu elders are not able to help them that time, only with his godfather's help, they got their life back on track.


He stayed in the Mo family for more than a year. Mo Lihua arrived during this time and she looks so weak and sickly.


She is younger than him only by a year but despite how vulnerable she looks with tiny scratch wounds on her face, large glasses too big for her age due to her small face and frame, also add to the bandage around she still acts too tough.


There were some incidents where Yu Qiao was hurt physically by Mo Lihua due to her hostility to others. His only consolation that time is that he is not the only who is hurt when she was on her angry mode.


Just remembering this, gives Yu Qiao a bitter taste in his mouth. How ungrateful and despicable can he be?


After making sure that he is presentable enough, Yu Qiao went downstairs to greet his godfather.


"Good morning uncle. I hope you are doing well..." Yu Qiao greeted Mo Che who is sitting on the barstool. The same place where he got the drunk night before.


"Hmmm. Sit beside me." Mo Che offered when Yu Qiao just stood not far from him, "Apologies for inconveniencing you last night. Was she being difficult?" he asked.


"Huh?" Yu Qiao is not sure what to answer as he expected. He is not on what is the extent of what Mo Che knows.


'Does he know about her boyfriend?' He is considering to get back to his room, pretend that he forgot something so he can call Angelo first.


"Were you planning to cover her antics last night as well? I know she went out alone and you just followed behind." Mo Che stated before releasing a deep breath, "She was probably suffocated by just going to school and house."


"Do not worry, I am not mad." Mo Che continued when he noticed that Yu Qiao's expression is complicated. "Though Rita and Angelo did not go with her, I am in peace as long as you are with her at least. I trust that you are taking care of her as sister and very grateful on that."


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