Marriage Rights: Billionaire's Forgotten Wife

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Chapter 41: Remember

Zang Fei can only look at Mo Lihua in disbelief and pain. Her jaw was firmly grabbed by Mo Lihua before she was pushed and slammed to the nearest wall!


She initially wants to use Fei Yan to threaten Mo Lihua to do what she wants. Now, she is not sure what to do!


Her eyes water due to her situation as feeling helpless. The grip is too strong, that even speaking is too difficult. Before she can even stop herself, Zang Fei already called for help weakly. However, her feeble attempt to call for rescue only earned a chuckle from Mo Lihua.


"Tsk. Tsk. Shut up," Mo Lihua spoke, before smirking and Zang Fei felt the pressure on her jaw intensifying, hurting her further. "Oh? What with the tears? It does not fit well with you ah. Stop it."


Zang Fei held Mo Lihua's wrist to take her hand away from her as she closed her eyes to stop herself from crying due to the pain. "Hurt… Take it off..."


"Eh? What?" Mo Lihua asked mockingly, "I told you to shut up. So shut up."


Zang Fei still cannot comprehend what exactly is going on. Her usual encounter with Mo Lihua is not like this. She is the one hurting the girl, not the other way around!


The girl in front of her is not the Mo Lihua she knows! Yes, the large thick glasses, her face that does not have any makeup to cover the freckles and pimple scars, then the usual hoodie paired with jeans, this is supposed to be Mo Lihua.


However, the dangerous grin, as well as the hands firmly holding her jaw, says otherwise!


Though confused, the fear that Zang Fei at that moment is very real. Cold beads of sweat are forming on her forehead, running on her face as the fear continues to creep inside her heart, making her tremble nervously.


"Let me explain to you something very quickly. Nod if you do," Mo Lihua uttered casually, "I said nod. Do not make me say it again." Despite the difficulty, Zang Fei manages to nod slightly.


"Good. So… Fei Yan, I told you she is not playing our game. Ok?" Mo Lihua stated casually before she smiled brightly after seeing Zang Fei giving another weak nod. "Good!"


Mo Lihua then tilted her head, "Hmmm, what else? I am not sure if I forgot something. Let me think…"


Zang Fei does not know what to do, she can only keep her eyes moving around hoping that someone will pass by to help her.


"That is really useless. The classes already started and you know, this area is the surveillance camera's blind spot. So if I want to, let say use your lanyard to choke you, I can really do that." Mo Lihua released Zang Fei's jaw, but her hand immediately pulled the ID lace to keep the other from calling for help or breath properly. "See? Just like this."


"Sto… Stop…" Zang Fei spoke helplessly fear laced on her voice.


"Nah. Can't do. I never told you to stop when you play with me. Remember? So let's be fair shall we?" Mo Lihua asked with a grin. "What did I tell you earlier?" She added before her lips pursed on a thin line, looking at Zang Fei unhappily.


Nodding her head a little, Zang Fei is more concerned with her breathing as she looked at the blue ID lace Mo Lihua is using to choke her. Her chest is painful and it is very hard to breath properly, hing as also feeling her consciousness leaving soon.


"Hmp." Mo Lihua snorted, before releasing the ID lace. The moment she did, Zang Fei knees buckled, causing her to slump on the floor. She weakly coughed, as she catches her breath while holding her chest.


Mo Lihua crouched in front of her, "You're exaggerating. Oh, remember what I told you earlier? About my friend? Do not forget." She reminded while looking at the other intently.


Then adding, "Rest assured, as long as you do not involve anyone else and it is within the University grounds, I can, you know, pretend to be scared." She muttered before smiling sweetly, reaching out to Zang Fei with a hand.


"Stay away!" Zang Fei exclaimed fear still laced on her voice before she pushed Mo Lihua roughly away from her.


"What is going on here?!"


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