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It was really bright sunny day, there was a girl in beautiful one peice, sexy stilettos, fair skin, she was entering in college, every head turning towards her and gasping ,wondering 'who is she's,wait who was she I know her I guess, suddenly she came closer and started banging the desk ,loudly ...even more loudly....uh now it's unbearable and Bang,everything turns white and shiny. When I opened  my eyes I was lying on my bed, groaning, " not again that same dream,why do I wake myself by this weird dream, I saw myself so dressed up and i bang the table loudly as hell".  Finally, I saw towards right side and gazed at the clock,oh shit I was about to get late for my lecture. I hurried to the washroom and bang! I fell on the floor. Ahhh!! Why always me? It hurts to fell every morning from the bed. Wait did I introduced myself,no how could I forget this, well I am Maya, Maya Malik. I am a 18 year old girl ,completing my graduation in engineering. 


So let's see how my day starts:

Remembering that I would be late, I rushed towards my bathroom to do my daily routine. I am a simple girl, I am slightly weird, I can't dress up like other girls. For me it's useless, because I believe why to dress up so much and stay uncomfortable whole day long. I picked a simple black denims and  a plain blue tshirt. I rushed immediately, towards the hostel door. I started walking as fast as possible. Within few minutes,  I was standing outside the college gate. One may think why am I standing? I should have ran, towards my classroom.  Bit fortunately I forgot my I-D card, without it there is no entry in college campus. I pleaded the watchman to let me go for this time,but he denied saying," you do this daily, Miss, I can't allow you now. Say someone to bring it for you." I couldn't do anything as I was a recluse,  yeah I measly have any friends. So I pleaded, again pleaded until he felt pity over me. I rushed as quickly as possible. But to my fortune or to my bad luck, today was Monday, lecture starts at 10:30am and it's just 9:00 am. How can I be so forgetful? Well I am,but what to do now, it's better to prepare for next lecture instead of getting bored alone .


Soon the students started entering the classroom,  i was sitting on my usual desk, obviously 1st bench. Proud to be one as , everyone are not that blessed to bear the harmful stares of their teachers. Suddenly, I heard a firm voice, it was Rony the bully of our classroom, " hey,nerdy somebody is calling you outside". He stated and moved towards his seat, I was shocked, as nobody calls me ever, so I decided to go . I reached the classroom door quickly, but to my surprise there was no one, I understood, how could I trust him? He does this everytime, he has only one prey, to play his pranks, that's me. I returned with a frown on my face, i sat on my bench and suddenly a long fart was audible and the whole class was laughing, I felt embarrassed, he does this everytime, this stupid balloon, what did he got from this kind of things? What makes him so happy when I sit on it? I was angry, but couldn't utter a word, every body sitting around me started teasing me. I felt like crying and running out of my classroom, but the lecturer entered and asked for pin drop silence in the classroom. I was still in pain, why me always? Soon the lecture ended. I rushed towards the canteen to feed my roaring belly, I remembered that I didn't had anything this morning and it's lunch time now. I rushed to grab some fastfood,with some smoothie.  God, why this que was invented, I am getting impatient, thanks to him I was just four people away from my turn. I immediately started moving towards my table, suddenly I felt something had hit my leg hard,by the time I realized, my lunch was on the floor, when I saw up ,it was Liza, she is such a bitch, the queen bee of our class.  She legged me, made me tumble, she is such a stone heart, how can a lady be so worst. Everybody in her group was pointing towards me and laughing their asses out. I felt a great rage,but couldn't say a word, I don't know why am I like this?  My clothes were ruined as well, so I ran towards the hostel. My eyes were filled with tears, I couldn't do anything but let them fall, as soon as I reached,the hostel I closed the door and started crying my heart out. All I could say between those sobs was," why me?" I sat there sobbing and don't know when I fall asleep.  When I woke up it was already 5:00 in the evening, so I decided to change and have something to eat. 


After few hours,  i decided to study and complete the things I  mmissed today, Time flies so fast ,it was eleven, I decided to rush towards mess, as it's closing time is 11: 15 pm. After having nicely, I decided to study something more about applied mechanics. 

Suddenly, my phone rang, I was shocked, I didn't know it existed, obviously I had it from years,but hardly it rings. It was an unknown number, I decided not to pick up, but it kept on ringing and distracting me from my numericals. Finally, I answered," Hello", I heard a sweet and husky voice," hello, is this Maya, Maya Malik?". I answered, " yes,who are you by the way?". He said in a frowny tone yet sexy enough, " you are a coward ,how can you bear all this, can't you stand for yourself?" Shè immediately interrupted in awe," excuse me, who are you? Why you are disturbing me? Who are you to say me anything? I don't know you ,so better don't call next time and yes it's a "WRONG" number". She hung up the call furiously. Imagining who the hell he was? Might be another prank from the boys in her class. She ignored and decided to sleep.

Next morning, 

The call came again,she avoided to pick, but it ringed continuously, she decided to block the number but, then she saw the text from same number.


Edited: 07.02.2020

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