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Chapter 6

I was shocked to see his absence. I tried calling him but couldn't connect, as it was switched off. I tried texting him, but no reply. I was waiting in auditorium but no call, no text, I was getting frustrated by his irritating deeds. How can someone be so ridiculous, he came, he kissed and he vanished, this is not done. I decided to wait a bit more. I waited for half an hour but no response, so I decided to walk away. As soon as I got up, my phone beeped. 

Unknown :

hey, pretty lady walking out of your life as you wanted. I won't disturb you anymore 😊  enjoy yourself. You taste really good, I wish I could wait... but as you wanted I am going. 

I frowned reading his message and started walking towards the exit. Suddenly another message popped. It was again him.


Lady, don't frown, it's really hard to be away from you. Especially, when you are in that sexy crop top.

I can't understand this, it was getting weirder. He was still stalking me and was saying me that he would leave stalking. I immediately turned to look where is he, but he was no where. I felt angry. I rushed out the auditorium and moved towards the hostel. I don't know how can someone be so bad. I was thinking continuously, ' he can come, he can text, he can call, he can talk and most ridiculous he can kiss, but it comes to show his face he runs away and after that he says it's difficult to stay away from me. What did he got from doing all this thing? Maybe he was pranking. It was getting on my nerve, how can someone go to such an extent?' Soon I reached my room. I was quite upset with all the things that happened in the auditorium. I decided to change myself to something comfortable. 

As soon as I removed my top, my eyes went on my neck. I saw something in reddish pink color, I touched it, it was hurting slightly. After a few seconds, I realized that,' OH MY GOD....It is a love bite'. I was so upset with this, it's obvious he was the first boy whom I got this much close, I mean who can expect such a thing from me and my lonely life. Oh my god, I just had the first kiss of my life and don't even know with whom, ahhhhhh. Damn me.

Suddenly my eyes went towards my waist, I could see marks on my waist, yeah his grip on me was quite obsessive but passionate. His passion was easily visible on my waist. I was blushing, I mean seriously I was blushing badly. Because, I never knew that I also blush. Next I decided to eat something and sleep as quickly as possible. I was not in mood to do anything. 

When I lied on my bed after having my meal, I tried to sleep but it was far away. I tried a lot, but he was on my mind. Every time I closed my eyes, I was imagining him kissing me. Yeah, it was magical, the way he grabbed me and pulled me towards him was fascinating. His gentle caresses, his smooth touches, as if he was an expert in handling women. He was impressive, his smooth and long lasting kisses were so amazing. I could still feel his texture of lips on mine. Suddenly something happened and I thought may be he was a vampire, hence he called me in evening, came close to me when the lights were gone. But, vampires don't exist. He was more like a human, then I remembered twilight series, even Edward was almost like a human. His were not cold instead they were warm and soothing. 

Then I said to myself, " Maya be you, who is he? Why is he changing you so much? Forget about him, he just a nobody, he is just a fling of yours, don't take it seriously. Even he said, he won't tease you anymore, then why to give him your precious time, just let it go" . I found it very true as there were no calls or texts and I think he was gone. So I somehow went to sleep. 



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