Me and Myself

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Chapter 3

My Family and Friends

So Chapter 3 is all about my Family and Friends. So my family memebers are some of the best people i know' like my mum my dad and my 2 brothers Dontae and Jesse and my Nana all mean a lot to me and i would hate to lose them. If i ever did lose my family i would cry and cry and cry and cry as i love them all so much' just like they love me. Even though i do sometimes have fights with my 2 brothers i still adore them and love them so much. My friends are from Tonga and sometimes i have huge fights with them but we forgive each other and apoligise to each other like all friends would' LOL. They are some of the best friends i have had' like who wouldn't want to have friends everyone should and thats the way it always should be. I would also like to mention a very special person in my life' Conrad Davis my Mentor from the YMCA in Palmerston North' he is very cool and also funny' so yeah he is very special to. Well that's all i have to say in this Chapter :). 

The Tangiwai Disaster

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